Affording a Wheelchair Van: One Single Mother's Story

A mother lifts her child from his wheelchair|Robin and Kyle|mom gets keys to a new wheelchair van

Like most parents, Robin Allen has a life that revolves around herchild.

However, her son, Kyle, needs some special attention: he was diagnosed a few years ago with Aicardi-Goutières syndrome. Aside from affecting his skin and immune system, it has also rendered Kyle severely developmentally delayed, thus affectinghis mobility.

This makes Kyle totally reliant on Robin, and as a single parent, she appears to have boundlessenergy.

"I don't know anything different," she said. "It's just everyday life."

Robin and Kyle_2


One of the largest challenges for the Allen family is mobility. Robin drives an SUV, and each time she needs to run an errand, she must transfer Kyle from his wheelchair to a child's car seat in the back. As Kyle continues to grow, lifting and strapping him in becomes increasingly challenging.

The Charlotte, North Carolina, mother expressed her frustrations as she drove to the grocery store.

"That's the most difficult thing, for me-when you don't have the proper transportation when you have a child (who has) multiple disabilities and is in a wheelchair," she said. "Transitioning is hard. He doesn't like it and I am in pain from it."

The Allen's mobility challenges made them prime candidates for aBraunAbility wheelchair van, but the necessary fundswere a concernfor the single mom. Through the Ralph Braun Foundation, a grant program was developed to helpRobin and others like her purchasea new vehicle. With the help of her local BraunAbility dealer,Robin qualified for a grant and chose an affordable van option.

When Robin and Kyle visited Ilderton Conversion to pick up their new van, everyone was all smiles. Instead of lifting her son from his chair, Robin was able to wheel Kyle right into the van from his wheelchair. Robin said this increased mobility gives the pair more opportunities to explore their city and get out into the community. Whereas before, travelling was a chore, today, she says, "We can pretty much go wherever we want to now."

mom gets the keys to new wheelchair van


This journey from dream to reality is possible for anyone lookingtoaffording a wheelchair van or lift. Visit to learn more about other grant and funding options. Keep in mind that BraunAbility Finance is here to aid in providinggreat terms and payments to make the dream of owning an affordable mobility vehicle a reality.Our best wishes to Robin and Kyle, and safe journeys in your new van!