Understand the cost of wheelchair accessible vehicles

Understanding the Cost of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

At BraunAbility, we are here to help you find your ideal mobility freedom, whatever that means to you, not to sell you a solution that doesn't work for you.

The BraunAbility Standard

The Wheelchair Vehicle Build Process

​What looks like a ramp bolted onto a van is a complete reengineering to make it both wheelchair accessible and rebuilt to the same standards of quality, safety, and reliability as the original vehicle. No other manufacturer in the mobility industry holds itself to these BraunAbility standards: 


  • • Industry-leading crash testing 
  • •​ Best-in-industry quality assurances​
  • • No retrofitting, stretching, or compromising of any components
  • • ​Same parts and suppliers as the OEM utilizes ​​​


Why does it matter? Because you deserve the same protection and promises as the rest of society. No compromises. Click below to view an animation detailing the conversion process:

Black Chrysler Pacifica In Parking lot
BraunAbility is your partner in finding the right mobility solution for you
Mobility Professionals You Can Trust

The BraunAbility Partnership

BraunAbility does not sell direct to customers. Why? Because we’re not selling a basic commodity. We’re providing independence with the consultation of mobility professionals who apply their expertise and their relationships to find a mobility solution that meets every aspect of your life: your budget, your fit, your lifestyle. Need help locating funding resources? Need to be fitted for the right securement system for your wheelchair? Need to have a driving system installed to keep you behind the wheel? For every ‘yes’ and more, your BraunAbility dealer is there for you. 


Learn more about the relationship between a customer and their local mobility expert and what to expect during an initial consultation.

Quality and Value

The BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Promise 

Our products are specialized machines engineered to keep you independent. If something goes wrong, you can’t borrow a vehicle from friend or a family member. You deserve to know your vehicle is backed by above-and-beyond quality standards and the  largest network of mobility professionals and service technicians who know what to do if and when something goes wrong. ​

BraunAbility voted #1 in quality and value

Your Accessibility Options

​A new wheelchair accessible van isn’t the only option for consumers. We offer other choices that may be a better fit for your lifestyle and your budget.

The options below represent a variety of mobility options and price points. Learn more before you commit to a purchase:  

BraunAbility Turny Evo Transfer Seat

Turny Evo Seating Solutions

The BraunAbility Turny seat is available for installation on a wide range of vehicle brands and models and is a great solution for someone with limited leg strength or mobility to safely enter or exit a vehicle.

BraunAbility offers rear-entry wheelchair accessible vans

Preowned Vehicles

If you’re looking for a handicap van but are worried about the cost, consider a BraunAbility preowned vehicle. Get the best-in-class quality and reliability of a BraunAbility conversion without the price tag of a brand new vehicle! 

BraunAbility Chrysler CompanionVan

Companion Van Vehicles

The Chrysler CompanionVan offers the best of both worlds: the comfort and convenience of unaltered front row seats and center console with the industry-best BraunAbility conversion.

Check out the full lineup of BraunAbility Wheelchair-Accessible Vans

Fully-Automatic Wheelchair Vans

BraunAbility offers the broadest lineup of accessible wheelchair vehicles in the mobility industry. We provide accessible vehicle solutions on the Chrysler Pacifica and Voyager, Dodge Grand Caravan, Honda Odyssey, and Toyota Sienna.