Wheelchair Van Price Transparency

Understanding the Cost of Accessible Vehicles and Vans With Ramps

When it comes to handicap conversion vans, you understandably have questions.

  • Is it better to order a vehicle online and have it shipped to your home? If I buy from a dealer, should I buy unconverted from a local dealer and then send it to BraunAbility, or should I visit a mobility dealer?
  • How much am I actually paying to make a vehicle accessible, anyway?

At BraunAbility, we are here to help you find your ideal mobility freedom, whatever that means to you, not to sell you a solution that doesn’t work for you. 

Black Chrysler Pacifica In Parking lot

Ordering Your BraunAbility Accessible Vehicle

BraunAbility is unlike other accessible vehicle manufacturers in that we have a vast network of dealer locations in order to bring our products closer to our customers instead of selling our vehicles online. This way, you can visit a location when the timing is right for you and try the vehicle out for yourself. We encourage bringing your wheelchair, scooter, walking aids, caregivers or kids to the dealership with you to try out a BraunAbility vehicle in the way you would use it in your day-to-day life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it meet your storage needs? 
  • Are you able to see over the dash comfortably? 
  • Are you able to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle from your scooter or wheelchair?

These are all questions that can’t adequately be answered by shopping online, and it’s why BraunAbility customers report feeling their vehicle is a true match for them after they purchase.

Vehicle Price By Conversion Type

BraunAbility offers more vehicle makes and conversion styles than any other mobility manufacturer. That’s because we know not everything is one-size-fits-all when it comes to something as complex as your mobility transportation. Think of us as your favorite department store, offering clothes in multiple sizes and styles, unlike a boutique store that may have only a handful of fits for each style. Would be better to compare to an online only store where you have to ship items back. A lot of our dealers only stock a few models and are boutique-esque, unfortunately.

How can you best find what fits you? Try our quiz to start.  

I, or the wheelchair user in my life, can transfer into a vehicle.

BraunAbility Turny Evo – Vehicle Transfer Seat

The BraunAbility Turny Evo vehicle transfer seat can be installed on almost 200 makes and models of trucks, vans, and SUVs. The Turny Evo is a mechanical seat base that is programmed to fit your unique vehicle and the seat user to rotate and lower to a comfortable level to transfer and then returns to the cabin of the vehicle at the press of a button. The Turny Evo is a great option for individuals or families who aren’t ready for a wheelchair accessible conversion vehicle and retails for just under $10,000.

Learn more about the pros of the seat and see where your Turny Evo BraunAbility dealer representative is nearest you. 

BraunAbility Chair Topper – Manual Wheelchair Carrier

A convenient car top wheelchair carrier, the BraunAbility Chair Topper allows you to store your wheelchair on the roof of your vehicle in a weatherproof container. Like all BraunAbility products, the Chair Topper is activated by the push of one button. After transferring into your driver or passenger seat, activate the Chair Topper to lower chair hooks that will raise and store the chair until you reach your destination.  

Learn more about the carrier and contact a BraunAbility dealer representative to see which vehicles are compatible with the Chair Topper. 

I, or the wheelchair user in my life,  travel in a wheelchair.

Rear-Entry Van With Ramp Conversion Vehicles

BraunAbility rear-entry vehicles are generally less expensive than their side-entry counterparts because less of the original floor is removed and replaced. Because this conversion requires less overall material, rear-entry vehicles are often preferred by families who have a wheelchair user who is not interested or able to drive themselves independently and always travels with a companion. 

Side-Entry Van With Ramp Conversion Vehicles

BraunAbility side-entry conversion vehicles have the benefit of having removable front seats, and with a fully-lowered floor, wheelchair users are able to ride in the front passenger or driver’s seat. Side-entry vehicles can be customized further to include either a foldout or infloor van with ramp style. Foldout van with ramp styles are generally less expensive than infloor van with ramp styles for the same reason rear-entry entry styles are cheaper than side-entry; less mechanical installation equates to cost savings for you.

Check out this side-by-side comparison of BraunAbility van with ramp features to see how to customize your vehicle to best fit your needs. 

Breaking Down The Cost of Your Van With Ramp

You told us you wanted to know the cost breakdown between original vehicle cost and handicap conversion van cost and we delivered. Head over to our new accessible van inventory page – there, you’ll see three prices: one, the vehicle MSRP, two, the conversion MSRP, and three, the total estimated price.

Because the vehicle is often already converted and sitting in your dealer lot, you can take it home when or even before you need it. You’ve waited months or years for your mobility freedom. We aim to deliver a dose of relief when you get to the home stretch.

Buying BraunAbility is More Than Just Buying a Product

BraunAbility is the leading provider in mobility vehicle products for more than just our superior quality and attention to detail. When you take home a BraunAbility product, you can rest easy knowing you purchased a product from the #1 safest, most-certified manufacturer in history, and you have a dealer network to rely on for everything from repairs to rentals to general maintenance.

When you buy a new handicap van online, you may have a vehicle delivered with cheap plastic pieces, scratches to the vehicle, or serious conversion flaws. Worse, it could be the complete wrong size for your wheelchair! Don’t guess and check – know for sure. Pick out your dream vehicle and know that if you ever need us, we are available 24/7 – unlike other sellers who disappear after handing over the keys.  

Visiting Your Local BraunAbility Dealer for the First Time

Local car dealerships are the experts of the cars they sell. A Toyota dealership, for example, would give you all the vehicle information you wanted to know about a Toyota Sienna, let you take a test drive, and explain different promotions or financing options. However, their expertise ends where the BraunAbility conversion begins. That’s why we train our certified mobility consultants on the nuances of our accessible design. When you visit a BraunAbility dealer, you are receiving the same level of knowledgeable staff, a test drive that allows you to ride from the comfort of your wheelchair, and financing options that cover the conversion cost as well as the vehicle cost. This simplifies your shopping experience, letting you get all your questions answered in one place.

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