Wheelchair Van Price Transparency

Understanding the Cost of Accessible Vehicles

You understand accessible conversion types, but you have logistical questions. Is it better to order a vehicle online and have it shipped to your home? How much would shipping a vehicle cost? If I buy from a dealer, should I buy unconverted from a local dealer and then send it to BraunAbility, or should I visit a mobility dealer? How much am I actually paying to make a vehicle accessible, anyway?

These are all normal questions and we will do our best to answer them here. However, you can always call a BraunAbility team member with more pricing questions. We are here to help you find mobility freedom, whatever that means to you, not to sell you a solution that doesn’t work for you. 

Black Chrysler Pacifica Handicap Van in parking lot

Ordering Your BraunAbility Accessible Vehicle

BraunAbility is unlike other accessible vehicle manufacturers in that we use a vast web of dealer locations in order to bring our products closer to our customers instead of selling our vehicles online. This way, you can visit a location when the timing is right for you. We encourage bringing your wheelchair, scooter, walking aids, caregivers or kids to the dealership with you to try out a BraunAbility vehicle in the way you would use it in your day-to-day life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it meet your storage needs?
  • Are you able to see over the dash comfortably?
  • Are you able to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle from your scooter or wheelchair?

These are all questions that can’t be answered by shopping online and it’s why BraunAbility customers feel their vehicle is a true match for them after they purchase.

Breaking Down Your Vehicle Cost

You told us you wanted to know the cost breakdown between original vehicle cost and conversion and we delivered. As a savvy shopper, you want to ensure that you aren’t overpaying for your vehicle. Because we often buy vehicles in bulk to convert to accessible BraunAbility vehicles, we receive an industry discount, which we then pass along to you. The benefit to you is not only cost savings but because the vehicle is often already converted and sitting in your dealer lot, you can take it home when or even before you need it. You’ve waited months or years for your mobility freedom. We aim to deliver a dose of relief when you get to the home stretch.

Visiting Your Local BraunAbility Dealer for the First Time

Local car dealerships are the experts of the cars they sell. A Toyota dealership, for example, would give you all the vehicle information you wanted to know about a Toyota Sienna, let you get a test drive, and explain different promotions or financing options. However, their expertise ends where the BraunAbility conversion begins. That’s why we train our certified mobility consultants on the nuances of our accessible design. When you visit a BraunAbility dealer, you are receiving the same level of knowledgeable staff, a test drive that allows you to ride from the comfort of your wheelchair, and financing options that cover the conversion cost as well as the vehicle cost. This simplifies your shopping experience, letting you get all your questions answered in one place.

How to Shop for an Accessible Vehicle


Budget is often the No. 1 consideration when deciding on an accessible vehicle. At BraunAbility, you have three price levels to choose from.


New Conversion / Used Vehicle

Starting at $29,995, we offer new BraunAbility conversions on pre-owned vehicles typically with a higher mileage around 50,000 miles.

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New Conversion / Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Our Certified Pre-Owned offerings include a new BraunAbility conversion on a pre-owned vehicle. These offerings are available in the $35,000-45,000 range with a vehicle mileage closer to 30,000. A Certified Pre-Owned BraunAbility vehicle also comes with an extended 7-year/100,000 mile warranty.

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New Conversion / New Vehicle

An all-new BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicle features a new conversion paired with a brand new vehicle. Vehicle suggested retail pricing is available on each product page.

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