Veteran Support for Handicap Vans, Wheelchair Vehicles, and Mobility Products

When Ralph Braun started The Braun Corporation in 1972, some of his earliest customers were soldiers returning from Vietnam with mobility-limiting injuries. Almost half-a-century later, BraunAbility is still proud and honored to know our mobility products continue to bring mobility freedom to the heroes who fought for our nation.

If you are a veteran with a disability, whether related to your time in service or not, you may be entitled to some level of assistance to help purchase mobility equipment. Read below to learn more.

And veterans,  if you've been waiting for an alternative to an accessible minivan, your wait is over! The BraunAbility Chevrolet Traverse is the most spacious wheelchair SUV ever, and it has style, space, and swagger to spare! 

a veteran sitting next to his wheelchair suv chevy traverse

BraunAbility is hands-down the best mobility company out there. The quality is superior, and their customer support team is second-to-none.

- John Williams, Vietnam Veteran, United States Army, 1969 - 1971

Are You Eligible for VA Mobility Benefits?

Navigating the benefits and programs for disabled veterans can be complicated. 

The level of assistance received will depend on several factors, including whether the physical limitation was a direct result of service in the military (service-connected) or unrelated (non-service connected).

Some of the VA programs available to assist in acquiring mobility equipment for qualifying veterans include:

The best way to find out if you qualify for assistance with automotive mobility products is to get in touch with your nearest VA medical center, talk with your local mobility dealer, or email a BraunAbility Veteran Specialist. You may qualify for additional disabled veterans benefits or grants outside of the VA. Learn more at the button below.

Veteran Support

Help Our Military Heroes Awards First Accessible SUV 

Help Our Military Heroes is a nonprofit dedicated to helping veterans afford their mobility vehicles. In 2021 they will deliver their first accessible SUV - a BraunAbility Traverse - to their 150th recipient, SSG JD Williams, a triple amputee injured in service. 

”George Bush Sr.? Oh, I loved that man.”

BraunAbility, Jenna Bush Hager and Jay Leno to present the accessible BraunAbility van that was used by President George H. W. Bush to Officer David Miller, a fellow Navy veteran, on The TODAY Show.

Honoring One Marine’s ‘Alive’ Day

On September 1, 2006, Lance Corporal Mike Delancey was paralyzed by a sniper's bullet in Iraq. He flatlined two times that day but survived. Nine years later, Mike broke ground on a retreat for veterans fighting their own mental and physical battles.

Veteran Articles:

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A Veterans Chance to get their Wheels Wet

The Paralyzed Veterans of America holds a Bass Tour for disabled fisherman and this year, BraunAbility is a proud sponsor.

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Am I Eligible for Veteran Benefits?

Many veterans may not realize they are eligible for veteran benefits, Larry Dodson, the national secretary for the Paralyzed Veterans of America, explains.

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Cousins Keep Bond Because of Wheelchair Van

Customer story: a veteran and his cousin make memories thanks to a BraunAbility van, an upgrade over a competitor's van which sometimes didn't work.

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BraunAbility CEO Recognized for Veteran Support

BraunAbility CEO Ralph Braun was recognized with the Employee Support of the Guard and Reserves Patriot Award.

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Colonel, Wing Commander, and BraunAbility Customer

Ernie Coleman had a long and prosperous career in the military before the unthinkable happened. Now, it's only BraunAbility products that he says he trusts.

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Disabled Veterans Receive Use of Free Wheelchair Van

Through a special program with Ride-Away, our nation's vets are gaining access to a free wheelchair van to regain their mobility until purchasing their own.

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National PVA Secretary Speaks on Life and Service

Larry Dodson, National Secretary for Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), speaks on the Vietnam war, losing and gaining back mobility and giving back.

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Project X Revealed as the Future of Mobility

"Project X" the name given to BraunAbility's latest engineering feat, is a wheelchair accessible SUV built on the Ford Explorer platform.

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Story of a Repeat BraunAbility Buyer

Wil Friedman, a United States veteran, is a repeat BraunAbility buyer: in fact, he's owned 10 BraunAbility vans in 20 years through the VA program.

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Special Needs Child Gains Mobility Freedom

Rafael Taft has known his share of struggles: he's an Army veteran, a police officer, a single parent, and the father of a special-needs daughter.

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Veteran Accessible Vehicle Donation Shows Support

A BraunAbility MXV travelled the U.S. with over ten thousand signatures on it. Today, we witnessed the Wounded Warrior veteran accessible vehicle donation.

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Veteran Donates Wheelchair Van to Fellow Veteran

When a veteran was ready to trade in his wheelchair van for a newer model, in an act of generosity, he asked his used van go to a veteran who needed it.

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Veteran Takes Accessible Road Trip in a MXV

Air Force Veteran and 2016 Miss Wheelchair USA winner, Sylvia Longmire, recently took her family on an accessible road trip in her BraunAbility MXV.

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Wounded Warrior Receives a Camo Handicap Van

Wounded Warrior Mike DeLancey receives a camo wheelchair Van for Memorial Day. DeLancey is a Veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq.

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If you still have questions, please feel free to contact a BraunAbility Veteran Specialist to better understand the benefits you may qualify for. 

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