BraunAbility® Wheelchair Securement Products

Locking Systems for You and Your Wheelchair


BraunAbility® wheelchair vehicles are designed to fit nearly every wheelchair and need. Your accessible vehicle comes standard with manual ratcheting wheelchair restraints that can be used on both manual and power wheelchairs.

If you are looking to further customize your needs, we offer a lineup of additional wheelchair securement products. Your local dealer will fit these restraints to your wheelchair to create a solution that is uniquely yours. Wheelchair securement products can be installed in the driver, front passenger, or center positions. 

Wheelchair Securement Product Use

The HighTower® Docking System and Unoccupied Wheelchair Restraint (UWR) products secure a manual or power wheelchair when situated inside a vehicle. These systems would be used in place of traditional manual or automatic wheelchair tie-downs. The HighTower is ideal for passengers or drivers with limited dexterity who use power wheelchairs while the UWR is designed for securing your manual chair after you transfer into either the driver or front passenger seating position.

HighTower® from B&D Independence

HighTower® from B&D Independence

The HighTower® docking system is the world's first side-mounted power wheelchair docking system designed to eliminate ground clearance concerns and provide a more stable and secure ride. The HighTower is a low-profile securement device that secures instantly and releases at the easy push of a button.

Other wheelchair securement systems are attached via a pin beneath the wheelchair which connects to the docking system installed in the floor. The BraunAbility® HighTower is the first vertical docking system uniquely engineered for power wheelchairs. 

Wheelchair Restraint

Unoccupied Wheelchair Restraint from B&D Independence

The Unoccupied Wheelchair Restraint is the first manual wheelchair restraint design with a powered release feature that doesn’t add unwanted bolts or pins to your chair. The UWR fastens safely to your manual chair in the center area of an accessible vehicle. This allows you to lock your wheelchair to the UWR and transfer to the driver or front passenger seat. The UWR keeps your chair from rolling around during your travels and damaging the interior of your vehicle or needing to be laid on its side during transport.

Braubility Retraint

Wheelchair Securement Support

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