Wheelchair Van Grants and Funding

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can seem out of reach financially for many people. There are sources available to help you achieve the freedom and independence of owning a mobility vehicle. The listing below is a collection of grants and programs available to help make your mobility a reality. Look through the options below to find out if you are eligible for grants or funds that can make your mobility goals possible. And remember, your BraunAbility dealer takes trade-ins of wheelchair accessible vehicles and unconverted vehicles as well. And when you’re ready to finance, BraunAbility Finance is there to help you find the best financing rates and terms to meet your budget, all from financing sources who understand mobility vehicles.

Grants for Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Nationwide Funding Assistance for Wheelchair Accessible Vans

National foundations offer a wide range of funding assistance for your mobility equipment needs and are not tied to geographical location or a specific segment of the population.Some programs cover the entire cost of the mobility equipment, while others offer smaller grants to bridge the affordability gap.

State Funding for Handicapped Accessible Vans

Grants and funding programs for mobility products vary by state and are often specific to a condition. Some states have a Vocational Rehabilitation assistance that helps pay for mobility equipment if it allows you to be an active part of the workforce. Other states have programs that cover mobility equipment that results from an injury due to a vehicle accident. Find out what your state offers here.

Automotive Discounts for Handicap Vans

Most automotive manufacturers offer rebates or incentives for mobility equipment. This applies to wheelchair vans and other mobility equipment such as hand controls, transfer seats, securement systems, and more.

Veteran Programs for Wheelchair Vans and Mobility Solutions 

A listing of grants and funds available exclusively for America’s veterans can be found here. Veterans should also contact their local Veterans Administration or work with your local dealer to ensure you receive the benefits you’ve earned.

Mobility Equipment Funding for Nonprofits

If you work with a nonprofit that needs mobility equipment to transport children or adults with physical disabilities, there are a few organizations that provide financial support.

Crowdfunding Opportunities for Wheelchair Van Fundraising

Many consumers find crowdfunding is a helpful way for a community to show support and help wheelchair users get the last dollars they need to make their wheelchair van purchase.