BraunAbility Vans Conversion Warranty Information

Conversion Warranty Information

Unlike direct mobility sellers, BraunAbility does not require customers to find their own servicing dealer. This is a huge benefit when purchasing a BraunAbility mobility product. BraunAbility also has a network of dealers that support the customer 24/7, and BraunAbility supports the dealer network 24/7, so you are in the best hands. Further, our dealers are factory-trained not only on the BraunAbility conversion, but on the aftermarket equipment that can be installed on the wheelchair accessible vehicle. The below text outlines the content of a BraunAbility conversion warranty.

Warranty and Registration Instructions

Examine your lowered floor minivan conversion for any damage. Should any damage have occurred during delivery, notify the carrier at once with any claims. 

Review the service agreement, delivery checklist, and warranty registration form with your sales representative. The form must be signed by the consumer and retailer. A hard copy is available upon request.

The warranty registration form must be processed electronically by the sales representative to activate the warranty. This warranty contains detailed terms and provisions applicable to the vehicles.

Record the last eight digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) for future reference. This information must be provided when filing a warranty claim or ordering parts.

Warranty Coverage and Warranty Coverage Time Periods

The BraunAbility ("Braun") warranty covers Braun's modifications and alterations for associated parts for three (3) years or the first thirty-six thousand (36,000) miles, whichever comes first. In addition, the corrosion protections portion of this warranty applies to covered parts (see below) for 5 years and unlimited miles. The 3 year/36,000 mile limited warranty covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship attributable to Braun on the conversion van frame, floor structural components, ramp, door and associated structural components, electrical components, including but not limited to switches, wires, connectors, and the controller and interior appearance items such as the floor covering and the lower door extension assemblies. The corrosion warranty covers substantial defects in materials and workmanship attributable to Braun of the metal fabrication on or of the frame, floor, and lower door extensions. These warranty periods begin on the date that the product is delivered to the first retail purchaser by an independent, authorized dealer of Braun, or, if the dealer places the product into any type of service prior to retail sale, on the date the dealer first places the products in such service.

This limited warranty applies to the first consumer purchases and the next subsequent owner only. This limited warranty may be transferred once during the warranty period. However, the subsequent owner must submit a warranty transfer form to Braun to make the warranty transfer effective. All rights and limitations within this warranty are applicable to the original and subsequent owner of the product. The subsequent owner's warranty coverage period is the remaining balance of the warranty coverage period that the prior owner was entitled to under this limited warranty. Warranty transfer forms can be obtained from any independent, authorized dealer, which must be submitted to Braun within thirty (30) days from the subsequent owner's purchase, and proof of the purchase date must be supplied with the form.

What Braun Will Do to Correct Problems

In the event that a substantial defect in material or workmanship, attributable to Braun, is found to exist during the warranty coverage periods, it will be repaired or replaced, at Braun's expense, without charge to the owner, in accordance with the terms. conditions and limitations of this limited warranty.

Braun's obligation to repair or replace defective materials or workmanship is the sole obligation of Braun under this limited warranty. Braun reserves the right to use new or remanufactured party of similar quality to complete any work and to make parts and design changes from time to time without notice to anyone. Braun reserves the right to make changes in the design or material of its products without incurring any obligation to incorporate such changes in any previously manufactured product. Braun makes no warranty as to the future performance of this product, and this limited warranty is not intended to extend to the future performance of the product. In addition, the owner's obligation to notify Braun, or one of its authorized, independent dealers, of a claimed defect does not modify any obligation placed on the owner to contact Braun directly when attempting to pursue remedies under state or federal law.

Limitations, Exclusions, and Disclaimer of Implied Warranties 

Any implied warranty that is found to arise by way of state or federal law, including any implied warranty of merchantability or any implied warranty of fitness, is limited in duration of this limited warranty and is limited in scope of coverage to the scope of coverage of this limited warranty. Braun disclaims any express or implied warranty, including any implied warranty of fitness or merchantability, on items excluded from coverage as set forth in this limited warranty. Braun makes no warranty of any nature beyond that contained in this limited warranty. No one has authority to enlarge, amend or modify this limited warranty, and Braun does not authorize anyone to create any other obligation for it regarding this product. Braun is not responsible for any representation, promise or warranty made by any independent dealer or other person beyond what is expressly stated in this limited warranty. Any selling or servicing dealer is not Braun's agent, but an independent entity.

Braun shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages that may result from breach of this limited warranty or any implied warranty. This exclusion of consequential and incidental damages shall be independent of any failure of the essential purpose of any warranty, and this exclusion shall survive any determination that this limited warranty or any implied warranty has failed of its essential purpose. This warranty does not cover, and in no event shall Braun be liable for towing charges, travel, lodging, or any other expense incurred due to the loss of use of product or other reason. 

Some states do not allow limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusions may not apply to you.

Warranty Procedure - How to Get Service

To obtain warranty service, please contact your local BraunAbility Dealer.

Since Braun does not control the scheduling of service work at the independent dealerships, you may encounter some delay in scheduling or completion of work. If you need assistance you may contact Braun, at 631 West 11th Street, Winamac,  Indiana 46996; Customer Experience Group 1-800-488-0359.

What Is Not Covered

This Limited Warranty does not cover any of the following: defects in materials, components or parts of the product not attributable to Braun, any material; component or part of the product that is warranted by another entity (Note: the written warranty provided by the manufacturer of the material, component or part is the direct responsbility of that manufacturer); items that are added or changed after the product leaves Braun's possession; additional items installed at any dealership, or other place of business, or by any other party, other than Braun; any product used for rental or other commercial purposes (Note: It shall be concluded that the product has been used for commercial and/or business purposes if the product owner or user files a tax form claiming any business or commercial tax benefit related to the product, or if the product is purchased in a business's name); normal wear, tear, usage, maintenance, service, periodic adjustments, the effects of condensation or moisture from condensation; mold or any damage caused by mold; imperfections that do not affect the product for its intended purpose; items that are working as designed but that you are unhappywith; problems related to misoperation, misuse, mishandling, neglect or abuse, including failure to maintain the product in accordance with the owner's manual, or other routine maintenance such as inspections, lubricating, adjustments, tightening of screws, sealing, wheel alignments or rotating tires; damage due to accident or collison, including any acts of weather or damage or corrosion due to the environment; theft, vandalism, fire, or other intervening acts not attrituable to Braun; damage resulting from tire wear or tire failure; defacing, scratches, dents or chips on any interior surface of the product, including those caused by rocks or other road hazards, damage caused by offroad use, overloading or alteration of the prodcut, or any of its components or parts.

Defects and/or damage to interior and exterior surfaces and other appearance items may occur at the factory or when the product is in transit to a dealer. These items are usually detected and corrected at the factory or by the selling dealer prior to delivery to the retail customer. You must inspect the product for this type of damage when you take delivery. If you find any such defect or damage, you must notify the selling dealer, or Braun, at the time of delivery to have these items covered by this limited warranty and to have work performed on the items at no cost to you as provided by this limited warranty. 

Events Discharging Braun From Obligation Under Warranty

The following shall completely discharge Braun from any express or implied warranty obligation to repair or replace anything and void this warranty: any rental or other commercial use or purchase of the product (as defined in this warranty), misuse, neglect, collision, accidents, failure to provide routine maintenance (See Owner's Manual), unauthorized alteration, off-road use, damage from weather or the environment, theft, vandalism, tampering, fire, explosions, overloading the product and odometer tampering.

Legal Remedies

Any action to enforce any portion of this limited warranty, or any implied warranty, must be commenced within six (6) months after expiration of the warranty coverage period designated above or the action will be barred because of the passage of time. Any performance of repairs shall not suspend this limitation period from expiring. Any performance of repairs after the warranty coverage period has expired or performance of repairs regarding any thing excluded from coverage under this limited warranty shall be considered "good will" repairs, and they will not alter the terms of this limited warranty or extend any warranty coverage period of the filing limitation period in this paragraph. In addition, since it is reasonable to expect that the product will need some service during the warranty period, this warranty does not extend to future performance. It only sets forth what Braun will do and does not guarantee anything about the product for any time period. Nothing in this warranty, or any action of Braun, or any agent of Braun, shall be interpreted as an extension of any warranty period of the filing limitation period in this paragraph. Some states do not allow a reduction in the statute of limitations, so this reduction may not apply to you.

Warranty Registration and Miscellaneous

Your warranty registration records should be completed and delivered to the appropriate companies, including the Braun Delivery Checklist & Warranty form. That form must be returned to Braun within twenty (20) days of purchase. The Braun warranty will not be registered unless this warranty registration is completed and received by Braun. Failure to file this warranty registration with Braun will not affect your rights under this limited warranty as long as you can present proof of purchase, but it can cause delays in obtaining the benefits of this limited warranty, and it changes the start date of the warranty to the date of final assembly of the product by Braun.

Braun agrees to repair or replace any of its factory-installed parts found to have substantial defects within the appropriate warranty period designated above, provided that the repair is authorized by Braun and carried out by an authorized service center (a Braun labor schedule determines cost allowance for repairs). Braun will not honor any warranty claim for repairs or replacement of parts unless the claim is submitted with the appropriate paperwork, and the work is completed by an independent, factory-authorized service center. The appropriate paperwork can be obtained by written or phone contact with Braun and the contact information in this warranty.

Braun reserves the right to designate where any warranty work can be performed. Braun also reserves the right to examine any defective workmanship or part prior to giving any authorization for warranty work. Braun's return authorization procedure must be adhered to in order to process any warranty claims.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Frequently Asked Questions about BraunAbility Warranties

Where can I get service for my BraunAbility product?


At any BraunAbility dealer nationwide, no matter where you buy your product. Our network of repair centers are ready to get you back on the road.

Where can I get BraunAbility parts?


Genuine BraunAbility parts are sold exclusively through our BraunAbility authorized dealers.

Can I get technical support over the phone?


All technical support is routed through our certified BraunAbility dealers. Find a dealer near you.

OEM vs BraunAbility, how can I tell who should service my vehicle?


The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of your vehicle will still honor components under their warranty policy if the components are un-modified. It’s always best to start your service journey with a BraunAbility dealer. They can assess the issue and will determine where the repair should be made.

How do I find my VIN?


The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is posted on the front driver’s side door jamb and in the front windshield (lower driver’s side).

How do I find my lift model/serial number?


ID tags on Dual Parallel Lifts (DPA) are located on the pump housing, on the inside of tower 3, and on the vertical arm of the lift. ID tags of Under Vehicle Lifts (UVL) are located on the scissor arm, behind the pump on mounting bracket and standing by rear passenger tire you will see on side of the platform.

How do I find my transfer seat model/serial number?


ID tags on the Transfer Seat base are located on the rear of the base, just in front of the L-track bolts. ID tags on the Turny Evo are located on the outside corner of the unit, behind the rear corner shroud.

What is the ground clearance on my Vehicle?


Ground clearance can vary from one vehicle to the next due to a number of factors including vehicle type, conversion components, ground conditions, & tire pressure. Generally, the ground clearance on our vehicles is between 4 & 6 inches.

How do I know if an issue I am having with my vehicle is OEM or BraunAbility?


BraunAbility’s warranty covers conversion components. You should always check with your BraunAbility dealer to determine what kind of issue you are experiencing. Some OEM repairs can affect the conversion.

Does the vehicle conversion require maintenance?


Yes. Maintenance is necessary to ensure safe and trouble-free conversion operation. Maintenance is required every 6 months and is performed by a BraunAbility Dealer. A few items the dealers inspect during routine maintenance is the proper function of all conversion components like the kneel, door and ramp operation. The dealer will also lubricate, clean, and make any necessary adjustments. Properly maintaining your BraunAbility vehicle will increase the life of the conversion and maintain its value.

Where can I find the weight capacity for my lift?


Weight capacity can be found on the Serial tag for NHTSA-compliant lifts. If the serial tag of your lift does not contain weight capacity, please reverence the service manual.

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