Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Protection

Welcome to BraunAbility's Vehicle Protection Products: comprehensive coverage for your vehicle and conversion. Our range of top-quality products is designed to safeguard both your vehicle and the accessibility conversion, ensuring lasting durability and peace of mind. Discover the ultimate in vehicle protection with BraunAbility, where reliability meets innovation.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Protection Options

BraunAbility Finance offers a full range of affordable vehicle protection programs to help protect your vehicle investment. 

BraunAbility Protection Plus

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Prepaid Maintenance

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Vehicle Protection Program Benefits at a Glance

Roadside Assistance

Up to


Per occurance

Trip Interruption

Up to


Per day to 4 days food and lodging per occurence

Car Rental

Up to


Per day, 5 days per occurrence, plus 3 days for major components

Towing Benefits

Up to


Per occurance

BraunAbility Protection Plus


An exclusive vehicle service contract that covers every inch of your accessible vehicle, from powertrain components to technology systems to mobility equipment. We offer an exclusive vehicle service contract specifically for wheelchair accessible vehicles.


Coverage Options

Complete Coverage (Exclusionary Coverage)

Protection plans are available for vehicles up to 10 years old and under 100,000 miles, and cover the vehicle and mobility modifications components. We will pay or reimburse you for reasonable costs to repair or replace any breakdown of all parts except those listed in the exclusion section of the contract.

Powertrain Protector Coverage

Protection plans are available for vehicles up to 20 years old with under 190,000 and cover basic powertrain vehicle features and full mobility modifications.



Towing Reimbursement

Rental Vehicle Reimbursement

Nationwide Service

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Protect your vehicle investment against everyday losses and damage.



Protect Your Investment

Be prepared to handle the most common expenses that occur during vehicle ownership. UltraGARD provides complete protection for your vehicle with additional roadside and rental reimbursement benefits.

UltraGARD Coverage Includes

  • Tire & Wheel
  • Windshield Chips or Cracks
  • ​Dent & Ding​
  • Key & Key Fob Replacement
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance
  • Rental and Trip Interruption Reimbursement



Rental Vehicle Reimbursement

Trip Interruption Reimbursement

24-hr Emergency Roadside Assistance

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In the event of a total loss, the value of the vehicle will probably be less than the amount you owe. Therefore, you are left with the responsibility of paying the difference between your insurance company settlement and your original loan or lease amount.



Your Vehicle Insurance Doesn't Cover Everything... GapGARD The Difference and More

  • No waiting period—coverage begins immediately
  • Figured into financing for just pennies a day
  • Helps protect your good credit rating
  • Protects new and used vehicles
  • Protects vehicles valued up to $100,000
  • May cover your insurance deductible up to $1,000
  • Waives losses up to $50,000

GapGARD Coverage Eligibility

Because of the common risks associated with owning a vehicle such as collisions, theft, and natural disasters, the chances of your vehicle being involved in a total loss are greater than you may think. With GapGARD, you can be confident that your deficiencies and your deductibles will be paid off. GapGARD protects you, your investments, and even your credit. 

How Does Gap Work?

In the event of a total loss, your insurance company may say the market value of your vehicle is $30,000. If you owe $35,000 on the bank loan, that leaves a ‘gap’ of $5,000 for the individual to cover. If that person was protected with GAP coverage, that extra protection would cover the $5,000.

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Protect your leased vehicle from wear and tear with LeaseGARD.



Minimize Out-of-Pocket Costs at Lease End

When you lease a wheelchair accessible vehicle with BraunAbility, you can also enjoy the peace-of-mind protection of LeaseGARD, a comprehensive plan to cover the everyday wear and tear experienced during your lease experience. 

Benefits of LeaseGARD Protection:​

  • ​Maximum benefit of $5,000​
  • Missing part coverage up to $200 per occurrence
  • ​Available on vehicles from the current year or up to 2 years older
  • ​Available on vehicles with 10,000 miles or less
  • ​Available at time of lease only



Available on vehicles up to 2 years old

Maximum benefit of $5,000

Missing part coverage up to $200 per occurrence

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Pre-Paid Maintenance


Protect your vehicle investment with convenient pre-paid options for routine maintenance.



Benefits of Pre-Paid Maintenance

  • Prepay for maintenance at today’s prices​
  • Helps maintain vehicle on a routine and identify problems with inspections​
  • Mobility Maintenance included as suggested by the manufacturer​
  • 2 to 5 year plan options available
  • ​Purchased at participating dealerships

Includes Scheduled Intervals of


Oil and Filter Changes

Multi-point Inspections

Tire Rotations

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Speak to a Product Specialist​

One-on-One Support


Whether you're a wheelchair user or a caregiver, we are here to help you understand your options, find your nearest mobility dealer, and even guide you through available financing and funding service. 

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