BraunAbility Is Built to Trust

BraunAbility is the most recommended brand in the mobility industry, preferred 15:1 over the closest competitor by mobility service technicians1. Discover the BraunAbility difference.

Our Commitment to Excellence Is an Act of Care

Our mission is to build a more inclusive world, and it starts with a quality product. That’s why BraunAbility engineers invest at least 15,000 hours in every accessible vehicle and utilize advanced engineering technology and software, including:

  • Finite Elemental Analysis to predict potential weak points in vehicle design before crash testing
  • Tolerance Stack-Up Software allowing engineers to visualize tolerances and variations in design
  • Robotic Spot Welding for precise seams and vehicle performance
  • Parametric Modeling and Simulation for accurate testing of mechanisms and components
  • Continuous Improvement Team dedicated to enhancing and refining in-market products to constantly upgrade the BraunAbility ownership experience for our customers

Voted #1 by Mobility Service Technicians1

Recommended Over the Next Competitor

in Quality, Service, and Value

Voted Most Trusted Mobility Brand

Enjoy faster service and reduced downtime, while saving time and money, with innovative real-time diagnostics.

How to Build the Most Trusted Mobility Vehicle Brand

Quality ownership experiences depends on quality parts and components. No shortcuts. No excuses. That’s why Built to Trust isn’t just a phrase; it’s our promise of quality, safety and reliability, and we keep it every day.

Stainless Steel Exhaust System


Industry’s only fully stainless-steel exhaust system prevents rust and corrosion and is mounted as far from the ground as possible to minimize impacts from everyday use.

Custom-Made Fuel Lines and Hoses


Brand-new lines customized around the lowered floor with connection to securely fit the original manufacturer’s lines, all designed to perform for the entire life of the vehicle.

State-of-the-Art Brake Line System


Corrosion-proof brake lines and fittings expertly routed for reliability and matching the safety and performance of the original vehicle.

Tier-One Wiring Components


Tier-One sourced wiring harnesses with factory-original connectors are standard, safeguarding against the unreliability of stretching or retrofitting wires.

The Most-Tested, Most-Certified Mobility Products

BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles undergo the same federal testing that regulates the automotive industry, in addition to stringent mobility regulations, including:  

  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
  • National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA)
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • Extensive crash and durability testing
  • NMEDA Compliance Review Program (CRP)
  • NMEDA’s Manufacturer’s Quality Assurance Program (MQAP)

Our Mobility Customers Have the Final Word

I’ve been using BraunAbility lifts for over 35 years. I’m all about simplicity and great engineering, and that’s why I love your products. Thank you all!

Darrell Gwynn, from Florida

This van is built to last. Thank you for your team’s work. I’m so glad I didn’t make the mistake of buying something else.

Mohammad Nabi, from New York

As the years passed on, I tried the high-top vans, the mini vans, and even considered trying an adapted SUV. But never before have I been so pleased as I have been with my most recent purchase. I now have the BraunAbility Toyota conversion, and wow, it is awesome!

Cory Lee, from Alabama Read More
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Based on a 2022 survey of dealer service technicians conducted by a third party.