Drive for Inclusion

Our Commitment


Drive for Inclusion is BraunAbility’s global movement for accessibility and independence for those with a mobility challenge. We unite people with mobility challenges, and their caregivers, through The Driving Force, and mobilize this community, along with employees, partners, dealers, customers and volunteers, to take action for mobility inclusion.


To me inclusion kinda means life. Like I literally cannot live my life without having accessibility and having that kind of inclusion into the general society.

- Natalie, member of The Driving Force
Drive for Inclusion



Drive for Inclusion is the movement. The Driving Force is the community that makes it move. And BraunAbility is the company gathering and listening to voices from across the mobility challenge space. The Driving Force is the first and only community to unite all voices from the mobility disability space for greater understanding of needs and challenges. Because life should be a moving experience. And we all deserve an equal share of that. 


Save my Spot Painting





It’s not enough to listen. It’s not enough to act on our customers’ behalf. We partner with members of The Driving Force to enact social change for mobility inclusion in the communities in which we operate.

Right now, we’re focused on eliminating parking space abuse. According to a 2018 survey by BraunAbility, 74 percent of respondents have witnessed parking space abuse, and 42 percent did not know that the striped lines next to an accessible space were reserved for ramp deployment.

Save Our Spots

BraunAbility’s Save Our Spots campaign is on a mission to educate the public about leaving the striped space next to accessible parking spaces open for wheelchair users, whether they need to deploy their ramp to enter and exit their vehicle or transfer into a vehicle seat.   

Our goal with Save Our Spots is to eliminate handicap parking space abuse by spreading awareness and repainting accessible spaces to more clearly define the ramp access aisles. We do this by mobilizing our employees, dealers, customers, caregivers and volunteers to take action and sharing educational materials . One person, one community, at a time.



Every year, we report the progress our community has made toward mobility inclusion by sharing insights from The Driving Force, and the impact of the actions we have taken in the annual Drive for Inclusion report card.