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One of the biggest barriers to inclusion for wheelchair users continues to be misuse or abuse of accessible parking spaces, specifically related to the access aisle. The issue ranges from a mild annoyance to a major barrier. For example, an independent driver who cannot deploy his or her ramp into the access aisle because someone has blocked it in will have to wait for the offender to return before they can enter their vehicle. It’s not just a significant inconvenience; it’s a reminder that even with the right equipment, disability inclusion is ignored by many still today. 

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For many, handicap parking abuse is simply a matter of lack of education. That’s why we created these handy “tickets” to inform an unknowing driver how his or her parking choices have impacted a wheelchair user or individual with a mobility challenge. Fill out this form and we’ll send you three packs of Save Our Spots tickets (25 sheets per pack). 

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of the general public doesn’t realize an access aisle is intended to allow extra space for wheelchair transfers or wheelchair ramp deployment​.


of the general public has seen an accessible parking space improperly used.


of people with mobility challenges say they’ve opted to stay home because they didn’t think they’d find accessible parking.

Make Them Laugh, Make Them Change

Another way to spread awareness is to share this impactful – and hilarious – video from comedian, writer and BraunAbility friend Zach Anner. This video reached #6 on YouTube’s trending videos when it was first published. Let’s get it trending again!

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While there are many rules and regulations governing accessible parking, most Americans aren't aware of the specifics. What is the proper etiquette for parking in or near an accessible parking spot? How do you get a handicap placard for your vehicle? Find out more by reading the articles below.