BraunAbility® Wheelchair Lifts for Vans and RVs

Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts for Full-Size Vans

BraunAbility wheelchair lifts are designed to be installed onto a full-sized van, RV or camper and are ideal for large families or large power wheelchairs. With the additional space of full-size transportation, you can take everything – and everyone – along for the ride. BraunAbility lifts feature a 1,000-lb carrying capacity and operate via a remote control that conveniently attaches to the lift when not in use. Durable and easy-to-use, BraunAbility wheelchair lifts for van make traveling convenient and hassle-free.


wheelchair lifts for full size van
Under Vehcile Wheelchair LIft

BraunAbility UVL® (Under Vehicle Lift)

The BraunAbility Under Vehicle Lift, or UVL®, is installed to store underneath the vehicle, so it remains out of sight until operated. An unobstructed doorway means the BraunAbility UVL is a great accessible vehicle solution for both users of mobility aids and other passengers. 

Millennium Wheelchair Lift

BraunAbility Millennium Series™ Lift

The BraunAbility Millennium Series wheelchair lift promises strong and secure accessibility with time-tested durability. With available installation on either the side or back of a van, the Millennium Series Lift also features a lowered side rail, allowing for angled lift entry versus a straight-on approach – making it the most versatile of lift options.

Century Wheelchair LIft

BraunAbility Century Series™ Lift

The BraunAbility Century Series wheelchair lift is a simplified and streamlined wheelchair lift option that can be installed on the rear or side of a vehicle. This wheelchair lift offers value without sacrificing durability or quality! 

Dealer showroom

Some restrictions apply to size and model year of the vehicle, and the wheelchair lift must be purchased and installed by a certified BraunAbility technician. Contact your local BraunAbility dealer for a consultation to determine which lift best fits your mobility needs, budget, and vehicle.

BraunAbility provides professional service and support when your mobility product needs adjustments, basic maintenance, warranty work or any other service that is needed to keep your lift in its best order. Please consult with your local dealer for regular lift maintenance or service. If you are looking for a BraunAbility vehicle wheelchair lift for commercial vehicle use, please visit our commercial page here. 

BraunAbility Lift

Is a BraunAbility Lift Right For You?

Depending on your wheelchair or mobility aid size as well as the amount of people/cargo in your vehicle a BraunAbility lift may be the right choice for you. Check this page for other considerations to keep in mind as you start your mobility search.


BraunAbility Finance Team

Finance Your Lift

Now that you’ve found the perfect lift for your vehicle, let’s find the perfect rate and term with BraunAbility Finance services.