BraunAbility Century Series™ Wheelchair Lift for Car

A Reliable and Affordable Wheelchair Lift

The BraunAbility Century Series Wheelchair Lift offers all of the benefits of a BraunAbility wheelchair vehicle lift in a streamlined, economical package. The simplified electrical system offers trouble-free operation and the spring-loaded roll stop safety feature keeps your chair securely on the platform throughout the lift cycle. 

Why Buy A Century Series Wheelchair Lift?

  • V.A. accepted and fully NHTSA compliant.
  • Automatic fold and unfold
  • Durable, powder-coated finish
  • Integrated backup pump
  • 8” automatic roll stop safety feature
  • Designed for use with automatic door operators
  • Can be used in vehicles without raised doors, maintaining comfortable fit in a garage
  • Color-coded rocker switches are easily operated by those with limited dexterity

A Wheelchair Lift With A Time-Tested Design

The Century Series wheelchair lift for car is fully hydraulic in operation for both the fold/unfold and up/down cycles and provides 42” of floor to ground reach. Lift operation involves the standard handheld control, the vertical pillar on lift controls, or the optional remote control making it a convenient and easy product to use independently as a wheelchair user.

The Century Series Lift is dynamically designed for installation in either the side or rear doors of a full-sized van.

Century Series Wheelchair Lift Features

Safety Roll Stop - A hydraulic-powered roll stop raises to the vertical position before the platform leaves the ground to eliminate potential rolling fall risks. Integrated sensors in the lift prevent the platform from raising if the roll stop is not fully engaged.

Independent Operation - One of the lift's parallel arms features an up/down control button allowing the lift user to control the product while on the platform.

Threshold Warning Plate - A threshold warning sensor is a pressure plate installed at the entrance to the lift. If this plate is engaged when the lift platform is below vehicle floor level, lift operation will be prevented, and visual/audible warnings will alert passengers and attendants to unsafe conditions. This is a best-practice feature that keeps the lift user safe during operation.

Automatic Door Operation - Automatic door operation is a specialty option for personal-use lifts to enhance the usability of the product. This optional programming will allow the doors to be opened and closed by activating a small handheld remote. The lift functions can also be operated with the same remote.

Hydraulic Power - The Century Series lift is equipped with a compact electric motor that powers hydraulic valves to operate the lift functions. For your peace of mind, a manual backup allows you to control the lift easily in the event of a vehicle electrical failure.

Century Series Wheelchair Lift Specifications: 

  • Lifting Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Weight: 330 lbs.
  • Platform width: 31″
  • Platform Length: 43″

See more features and details about the Century Series lift by downloading the owner’s manual on our manuals page.

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