BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Vehicle Transfer Seat

Get Seated Easily and Safely

The BraunAbility Turny Evo mobility seat is the #1 selling1   handicap vehicle transfer seat for SUVs, trucks, and vans that moves completely outside the vehicle and lowers it down to your desired level. This makes it easier for you to sit down or transfer from a wheelchair. Once you're seated, push a button and the Turny Evo transfer seat will lift you inside the vehicle. It's a simple yet very effective way to make your truck or SUV more accessible.

  • Lower seat to your desired height
  • One-button activation
  • Passenger, Driver or Mid-row installation
  • Available at $217 for 60 months ($9,995 MSRP)2   plus tax and shipping with approved credit.3  
BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Rotating Seat Lift

Install In Your Own Vehicle


The BraunAbility Turny Evo transfer seat lift gives you an accessible vehicle solution on over 150 different makes and models of trucks, vans and SUV crossover vehicles. Even more, the installation of the BraunAbility Turny Evo mobility seat is completely reversible and will not affect the resale value of your vehicle. 


Transfer To and From Your Wheelchair


When transferring to and from the BraunAbility Turny Evo mobility seat, you can do so completely outside the vehicle. Even better, the Turny Evo handicap vehicle transfer seat can lower the seat to your level. This means that it doesn't matter if you're transferring from wheelchair to seat or seat to wheelchair, you can always transfer to a lower point. 

Not Just for Wheelchair Users


Getting seated in a vehicle can be tricky even if you don't have a diagnosed disability. Having a vehicle seat free from the confines of a vehicle that can lower to a comfortable height means easier entry and exit. This seating solution puts you in the front seat to experience the ride as a driver or designated co-pilot, to enjoy a conversation with the person next to you, plus the freedom to access the vehicle's controls for a comfortable ride.

Financing Available


BraunAbility Finance is here to find a financing option that fits your budget window. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to buy, we’re here to help on every step of your mobility journey. 

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lower risk of injury

Reduce Risk of Falling

The BraunAbility Turny Evo vehicle transfer seat reduces the risk of falling or other injury when entering or exiting a vehicle so you don’t need to stress about getting to where you need to be. Not only are you safer, but you can feel more confident knowing you are in control. 

transfer your child with ease

Transfer with Ease

As a caregiver, the lifting of a child or adult in and out of the car plus the needed twisting motion puts stress and strain on your back. Over time, the risk of bodily injury to you and your loved one increases exponentially. The BraunAbility Turny Evo mobility seat will allow you to perform ergonomic lifts and save your back.

Increase Independence with the BraunAbility Turny Evo

Increase Independence

The BraunAbility Turny Evo vehicle transfer seat for SUVs, trucks and other vehicles is perfect for independent drivers and caregivers alike. A rotating seat lift allows individuals who normally struggle to enter or exit a vehicle, to do so in a safe and controlled manner. 

I know handicap vans are popular, but just not for us...I was worried that the 4X4 would be too high [and not] acceptable for wheelchair transfers [for] my handicap wife. To my surprise, the seat lowers to an easy transfer height even in a 4X4 truck application. Life is an adventure, thanks to the BraunAbility Turny EVO seat, we were able to install it in a 4X4 new truck & continue our adventure!

- Curtis from Battle Ground, WA

My husband was paralyzed on his right side. We had one of these and I was able to take him lots of places we could never have gone if not for this seat. Absolutely worth every penny. These people went out of their way to help us with installing it in our car.

- Margaret

Turny Evo Options

Stow Your Wheelchair

Once you’ve transferred into your car, the BraunAbility® Chair Topper® car top wheelchair carrier conveniently lifts and stores your wheelchair in a weatherproof rooftop compartment. And when you’re ready to exit, your wheelchair is retrieved and brought back to ground level at the push of a button!

car top wheelchair carrier with the turny evo



Source: 2016-2018 mobility dealer sales reports

Listed pricing is for example only and excludes service contracts, dealer fees, and all taxes, fees and costs related to optional or additional BraunAbility equipment, features and service. Prices, specifications, options and equipment are subject to change without notice, individual prices may vary and residency restrictions may apply. Contact your local BraunAbility dealer for full details related to specific equipment prices.

Advertised estimated monthly payment based on a purchase price of seating product shown above at average of APR for actual seating product financed for 60 months. All monthly payments are subject to approved credit and 10% down payment. Not all applicants will qualify. Starting MSRP excludes service contracts, optional equipment, and dealer fees. Estimated monthly payment is based upon estimated selling price of the product in U.S. dollars and does not include applicable promotional programs such as cash back, rebates, and net trade-in allowance. All such promotional programs are subject to change or termination without notice and residency restrictions may apply. Individual prices may vary. Actual customer payments may vary significantly based on various factors, including without limitation, actual lending terms, options, and final sale price. Prices, products, specifications, options and equipment are subject to change without notice, individual prices may vary and residency restrictions may apply. Consult your local BraunAbility dealer for actual price and complete details.