Handicap Van & Vehicle Trade-In

Will a mobility dealer accept my car as a trade-in?

If you are purchasing a new wheelchair accessible vehicle, you can trade-in your current vehicle – converted or unconverted – to put toward your purchase. Visit your mobility dealer’s website or give them a call to start the evaluation process.

What will they evaluate?

Unlike the standard automotive industry, there is no mobility equipment version of Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds.com to give you an estimated trade-in value for your vehicle. Aside from looking at the age and mileage on the vehicle, a mobility dealer will look for signs of wear on the conversion, look at your maintenance history, determine how much of your warranty remains, and determine a fair market price for your vehicle.

Call your local dealer to set up a free consultation today.

handicap van trade in
Honda wheelchair van at city bistro

How do I maintain the trade-in value of my vehicle?

BraunAbility recommends a maintenance appointment every six months on your vehicle. Your BraunAbility technician will fully inspect your vehicle and conversion components, clean out your ramp mechanisms, and ensure everything is functioning optimally.

Aside from these appointments, your vehicle’s condition is largely influenced by how you use it. To lengthen the life and value of your vehicle, do the following:

  • Instead of abrupt stopping and starting, try a gentler approach.
  • Keep your brakes and clutch untouched until you truly need them.
  • Avoid potholes, unpaved roads, and approach speed bumps with caution.
  • Keep your ramp clean of debris and water when possible.
  • Change your oil according to the schedule in your owner’s manual.
  • Rotate your tires every 7,500 miles, roughly every time you have your maintenance appointment.
  • Always maintain proper fluid levels.

I’m ready to sell my vehicle, but how?

As the vehicle owner, it is up to you how you would prefer to sell your vehicle. There are many online outlets for you to try, however, it’s often much easier to sell back to a local dealer than to a private party due to mobility vehicles being such a small market. If you are upgrading to a new wheelchair accessible vehicle, trading in your current vehicle usually makes the most sense.



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