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Empower your mobility with BraunAbility Finance. Discover our comprehensive programs designed to protect your investment and enhance your mobility journey.

BraunAbility Financing Programs

With over 100 years of collective financing experience, the BraunAbility Finance team is the only dedicated finance service from a mobility manufacturer. Whether you’re looking to finance a wheelchair accessible vehicle, a wheelchair lift, or even a seat lift, BraunAbility Finance can help you find a financing solution that fits your budget.

Wheelchair Van Financing

Learn more about your options and what’s required to qualify for a loan on a new or pre-owned wheelchair van. We can help find the ideal terms and rates to make your handicap accessible van fit your budget.

Equipment Financing

BraunAbility offers unique solutions to finance a variety of purchases: mobility equipment​, Turny swivel seating, ​driving controls​, service repairs​, and much more​

Vehicle Protection

BraunAbility Protection Plus is an exclusive program specifically for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Protect your investment with one of the following options or all three: vehicle service contracts, ​UltraGard​, and PrePaid Maintenance​

Financing Program Benefits

Roadside Assistance

Up to


Per occurrence

Trip Interruption

Up to


Per day to 4 days food and lodging per occurrence

Car Rental

Up to


Per day, 5 days per occurrence, plus 3 days for major components

Towing Assistance

Up to


Per occurrence

Leasing Vs. Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

There are many reasons you may not be ready to commit to purchasing a wheelchair vehicle. BraunAbility offers flexible leasing options for customers with shorter-term needs.

Not sure if leasing is right for you? We can help.

BraunAbility Financing Resources

Can I Afford This Vehicle?

Typical payment calculators start with a selling price and calculate a payment. Our calculator starts with the payment amount and calculates the selling price to find your personal buying power.

Mobility Financing Resources

When it comes to understanding options around financing for wheelchair vans or other mobility equipment, it's common to have plenty of questions. We've compiled a funding and financing article library for more helpful resources to answer your most common questions when exploring mobility financing.

Vehicle Protection Plan

BraunAbility offers various protection plans for mobility products customized to your needs.

Mobility Solution Grants and Funding

Explore funding pathways for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Discover a range of nationwide and state funding resources that may provide financial assistance for accessible vehicle purchases. Additionally, non-profit organizations and crowd funding platforms can offer potential avenues to explore. While specific grants and funds cannot be guaranteed, these options present opportunities to seek support and explore potential assistance for your mobility needs.

Speak to Our Team​

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If you’re ready to learn more, start with mobility financing FAQs, click on one of the financing options above, or contact a product specialist today. You can reach out directly to the BraunAbility Finance team by filling out the form on this page or calling (800) 488-0359.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BraunAbility Finance

What Interest Rates and Terms are Offered Through BraunAbility Finance?


Our best-in-class lenders take many factors into consideration, including your credit score, to find the best rate and terms to purchase your vehicle. The first step is to find the wheelchair accessible van that fits you and your lifestyle, and then BraunAbility Finance works to find loan and terms to fit your budget.

Will I Need a Down Payment to Get Approved for a Wheelchair Van Loan?


No, a down payment is not required for wheelchair van financing approval. However, if you do have a down payment or trade-in, let your mobility dealer know at the time of application so you are presented with the best rate and terms from the beginning. Keep in mind, most BraunAbility dealers will accept your unconverted vehicle as a trade or will find another outlet to accept it.

How Does Applying for Financing Through BraunAbility Finance Impact my Credit Score?


When BraunAbility Finance submits your application to our lenders, they will pull your credit report. As with any financing application, this may minimally lower your credit score for a short period of time. If you are pursuing multiple wheelchair accessible van loan options or pricing vehicles at multiple dealers, we recommend you do so all within the same week to reduce the impact to your credit score.

Do I Have to Have Really Good Credit to Obtain Financing for a Wheelchair Accessible Van or SUV?


Our goal is to provide the freedom and independence of owning a wheelchair accessible vehicle to as many consumers as possible. In order to do that, we work one-on-one with a variety of reputable lenders to review each individual’s story, including the amount requested, cash down, third-party funds, resident history, income, and more. This gives a more comprehensive picture of each consumer’s financial health and opens the door to more mobility freedom through wheelchair van financing, even if you have a challenging credit history.