BraunAbility® Vehicle Seating

For those who struggle getting in and out of a vehicle safely or for wheelchair users who prefer to drive or ride in the vehicle seat, these specialty vehicle seating options simplify the process. Avoid the struggle with odd angles and cramped spaces with a transfer seat that rotates to provide more space for you or your loved ones to maneuver.



The Turny Evo is a seat lift that will allow the user to get seated outside the vehicle, before being comfortably lifted to a safe position inside. Having the car seat completely outside of the vehicle and at a height of choice can be very helpful when getting seated or making the transfer from a wheelchair.
Turny rotating seat lift

BraunAbility Turny Rotating Seat Lift for Standard Vehicles


The BraunAbility Turny seat is available for installation on a wide range of vehicle brands and models and is a great solution for someone with limited leg strength or mobility to safely enter or exit a vehicle. Unlike the conversion vehicle transfer seat, this rotating seat lift is accessed from the exterior of the vehicle. By using a remote or your smartphone, the seat exits, lowers, and turns outside of the vehicle to aid in your transfer.

Comfort Series 6-Way Seat Base for Conversion Vehicles


The Comfort Series Transfer Seat Base allows the vehicle seat to rotate to face the center of an accessible vehicle, allowing for easy transfers from the wheelchair into the driver or front passenger seats.

Installing a transfer seat in the driver or front passenger area of a vehicle is a safe and comfortable solution for many customers. Transfer seats retain all factory seat features like lumbar support, adjustment features like tilting, and leather, if applicable. Transfer seats also retain the original vehicle seatbelt securement and airbags and can be accessed and used like a traditional vehicle seat when not in use by a wheelchair user.


Transferring Into a Vehicle Has Never Been Easier

Though most BraunAbility wheelchair vehicles come equipped with removable front seats allowing the user to stay seated in their wheelchair and secured, some may feel more comfortable riding from a vehicle seat. In these cases, a BraunAbility transfer seat product makes the process of transferring easier and safer.