BraunAbility Corporate Citizenship

Devoted to Making Life a Moving Experience For All

BraunAbility holds a vision to shape the future of global mobility transportation solutions and to change the lives of people living with mobility challenges and the lives of those who care for them. Since 1972, BraunAbility has been dedicated to helping wheelchair users and their families stay connected to the people and places that matter most in life. Now, we look to the future to rebuild the world so that it is accessible to anyone with a physical disability.



United Nations Global Compact

We are proud to serve a corporate mission that impacts society, but we recognize that BraunAbility also has a responsibility to improve the communities in which we live, work and do business.

That’s why BraunAbility is committed to operating under the United Nations Global Compact Corporate Sustainability Leadership policy, which requires businesses to align operations under 10 fundamental principles for socially responsible and sustainable long-term success.


Environmental Sustainability 

Preserving a healthy planet for future generations is a responsibility BraunAbility undertakes with pride. As a corporation, we have committed to annually reducing our waste disposal and consumption of water, electricity and natural gas. BraunAbility is committed to educating our employees about our efforts to improve environmental sustainability as well as ways they can help advance our efforts.

BraunAbility Company Values

Our vision for an accessible world was built from the strength of our company creation and influenced by our bright future. By leaning on our company values, we develop our people, our products, and our services to a higher level – always looking to exceed expectations and industry standards.

Live Our Legacy 

Our founder Ralph Braun left us with five powerful lessons that lay the groundwork for our success today and in the future. To start, put the customer first, always. Don’t give excuses and never stop improving yourself or your work. Next, surround yourself with good people and trust them to lead you forward. And lastly, believe in your God-given ability. These five lessons hang on our walls for employees to pass by each day and they are a legacy that has woven itself into the very fabric of our company.

Do What’s Right

What is right is not always what is easy. But at BraunAbility, we are willing to put in the time, effort, energy, resources, and love to make our products and our services the best. We do what is right with humility, knowing you can always place your trust in our hands. 

Celebrate Our People

Great things are created with great teams. We display genuine care and respect for our employees who understand that the BraunAbility organization is a family first and a company second. We are committed to creating a workplace in which every member is encouraged to achieve his or her best self. 

Serve as a Champion

We are passionate about our customers. Your wants and needs come first when we approach new projects. BraunAbility looks outside of our four manufacturing walls to discover ways in which we can serve beyond just our product offerings to champion our customers and strengthen the communities in which we live and work. 

Drive Innovation

As BraunAbility continues to grow well into the future, we evolve, yet we never forget that our company was founded on a pillar of innovation. We will continuously pursue advancements and breakthroughs that enable us to reach more people and change more lives.

BraunAbility Certifications

BraunAbility is annually audited and certified by Ford – Qualified Vehicle Modifier, Toyota – Gold Rating, and Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) – Q PRO approved. BraunAbility is also proudly certified by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), passing all federal safety guidelines.

BraunAbility Code of Conduct

The BraunAbility Code of Conduct is a set of key values that guide us in our everyday lives, but one defining principle reigns supreme: we do what is right. When we take this stance on our approach to our work, our customers are the first to benefit. 

BraunAbility Supplier and Partner Code of Conduct

We hold our suppliers and partners to a high standard, stating they must do business in a way that is open, transparent and with the highest integrity. See more here

BraunAbility Whistleblower Hotline

We cherish our reputation and are obligated by our corporate values, Code of Conduct and our commitment to the principles of the UN Global Compact to conduct business ethically.  If misconduct is suspected, please raise the concern through our anonymous Whistleblower Hotline, to give us the possibility to prevent or correct improper activity.  The service, managed by the external party Lighthouse, is available 24 hours a day with all reports being confidentially addressed by BraunAbility Legal, without fear of repercussion. Reports can be submitted by telephone 844-920-0077 (USA and Canada) or online.