BraunAbility Code of Conduct

The Moral Code By Which We Do Business

The BraunAbility Code of Conduct is a set of key values by which we operate our company. In how we approach decisions, in how we take action, in how we commit to our partners, we are guided by one defining principle: we do what is right. This mantra is repeated daily to our team members to spur purpose and passion for the work we do and to honor our founder, Ralph Braun, to conduct ourselves in a way that would continue to make him and our customers proud.

Handicap Van being inspected

Honest and Innovative Workforce

We are a family at BraunAbility. We have built a culture that recognizes and appreciates the advantages of a diverse workforce. We understand that what makes us different makes us strong. And because of our camaraderie, our people are encouraged to sharpen each other by challenging opinions and ideas to consistently innovate the business each day.

Honoring Ralph Braun’s Vision

Ralph Braun had a vision for the growth of BraunAbility and we are dedicated to preserving that vision and his legacy in what we do each day. Part of protecting that vision is protecting the assets of the company, ensuring their thoughtful, efficient, and appropriate use. We hold each employee responsible for compliance with BraunAbility’s financial control environment and financial governance guidelines.

Additionally, we also share a commitment to fair business practices and transparency. This means no employee will use their position or company information for personal benefit, will comply with all applicable market laws and regulations, and will honor contracts drawn with third parties. BraunAbility maintains a zero-tolerance policy in regards to bribes, kickbacks, or any similar form of payment or corruption.

Quality Over Everything 

Our number one priority at BraunAbility is providing the highest quality products and services for our customers.

Our Quality Policy reads: “Together, we will meet or exceed customer expectations. We pursue activities that lead to continual improvement through inspection, analysis and regular review throughout the organization of our quality objectives.” If a situation arises that has the potential to negatively impact the customer, employees are expected to bring it to the attention of management. If we keep the customer at the forefront, all else will fall into place.

Committed to Development 

Employees are BraunAbility’s most valuable asset and we as a company are dedicated to their personal and professional development. We are also committed to a safe and supportive environment that encourages the betterment of our team.

We strive for a zero accident workplace and employees are encouraged and expected to point out any unsafe working conditions. We also provide a whistleblower hotline where our employees can anonymously report concerns.

Beyond our company walls, we are also committed to the people in the communities we serve. We take it as our personal duty to ensure those with whom we do business are not complicit with human rights abuses, nor child or forces labor of any kind.

Good Corporate Citizens

BraunAbility believes in leaving things better than when we found them and are committed to ensuring we respect the environment and how our business may affect it. We understand and believe in the importance of a sustainable society and actively develop plans to take steps towards achieving it. We work to use resources wisely and prevent any negative impact to the environment around us.

Our employees are encouraged to actively engage in our local communities and find ways to contribute toward the betterment of society. We are especially passionate about making a positive impact within the disability community, for they are at the heart of what we do.