Renting Wheelchair Accessible Vans

Short and long-term wheelchair van rentals are available at your local BraunAbility dealer.

How to Find a Wheelchair Van Rental

Need to rent a wheelchair accessible van? Is a loved one in a wheelchair visiting you and in need of accessible transportation? Short and long-term wheelchair van rentals are available at your local BraunAbility dealer. Simply find the BraunAbility dealer nearest you and call to reserve your accessible vehicle. Keep in mind that the holiday season is a very busy time for wheelchair van rentals — it’s never too early to place your holiday reservation!

Renting a Full-Size Accessible Van

If you’re looking for more room, a full-size wheelchair accessible van rental may be available at some BraunAbility dealer locations.  They offer a spacious interior that provides ample room to accommodate passengers, multiple wheelchairs, and other mobility aids. Ensuring enough space guarantees that everyone can travel comfortably without feeling cramped or restricted. Plus, these vehicles come equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps to allow for entering and exiting the full-size van with ease. 

8 Things to Consider when Renting a Wheelchair Van

  1. Ensure You Have Full-Coverage Insurance: Unlike standard rental car companies, wheelchair van rentals are not self-insured. You will need to call your insurance provider and ask for your limits to ensure you are able to rent a handicap van. Without full-coverage, you may be denied a wheelchair van rental service.
  2. Check Availability: Some dealer locations may only have one or two handicap van rentals and all appointments are made on a first-come, first served basis. If you know you will need a wheelchair accessible vehicle for a specific time, be sure to reserve it early on.
  3. Check for Deals: Some dealers may offer wheelchair van rental specials depending on the time of year. Ask about any promotions that may be running when you look at wheelchair van rentals.
  4. Check Dimensions: As with all adaptive equipment, you will want to make sure that your handicap vehicle rental will accommodate you and your wheelchair comfortably. Ask your driver for door height and width before renting.
  5. Check Seating Capacity: Accessible minivans are only equipped to carry five to six passengers. If you know you’ll be traveling with more people, ask your dealer about a full-size wheelchair vehicle with a lift.
  6. Ask About Rent-to-Own Programs: Your dealer may have a program that will take your rental payment and put it toward the purchase of a vehicle later on.
  7. Note the Mileage Included in Your Wheelchair Van Rental Period: Daily, weekly and monthly rental periods may have varying mileage limits. Be sure you know how far you will be traveling per day to avoid overage fees.
  8. Ask About Aftermarket Driving Equipment: Some handicap van rentals will offer hand controls to allow wheelchair users to drive themselves. Ask about any aftermarket driving equipment at the time of rental.

Wheelchair Van Rentals: Try Before You Buy

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is a significant investment, and the best way to know if a vehicle is the right fit for you and your family is to schedule a short-term wheelchair van rental with your local BraunAbility dealer.

While an in-store consultation and test drive are a great start, there’s no substitute for experiencing a wheelchair van for a longer period of time to know how it performs in the day-to-day life of your family.

Many dealerships also have rent-to-own programs that will apply your rental fees to the purchase price of your wheelchair van. Contact your BraunAbility dealer to learn about try-before-you-buy wheelchair van rental opportunities.

When should I rent a wheelchair van?

  • Entertaining a Guest with a Physical Disability: When your guest comes to visit, show them around in style and with ease with a BraunAbility vehicle. Without the need to rely on public transportation, you can travel together in your community.
  • Taking Relatives Out of an Extended-Care Facility: For family members with low mobility or some paralysis, a BraunAbility daily handicap van rental would make visits easier when going out for lunch or to meet with other friends in town.
  • Temporary Disability: If you had an accident that has left you temporarily in need of mobility aids, a BraunAbility wheelchair van rental would be ideal to maintain your independence as you continue to heal.
  • Occasional Appointments: If you have a permanent physical disability but don’t have the means to purchase your own vehicle, wheelchair van rentals will allow you to maintain your obligations without a monthly vehicle payment.

Why you should choose a wheelchair accessible van rental, from the BraunAbility network of dealers.

  • Wide variety of makes and models to meet you and your family’s needs. Even choose to have a front seat removed to make space for a wheelchair user. 
  • Large inventory with wheelchair restraint systems to accommodate both manual and power wheelchairs to help you get to where you need to go.
  • Available across the United States from coast to coast.
  • Our dealer network even offers delivery of the wheelchair accessible van rental to your home, work, or the airport!
  • Competitive daily, weekend, weekly, and extended rates

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