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“If you should need us, we will be here, ready and willing to extend a helping hand.”

Featured Stories from Our Wheelchair Vehicle Customers

At BraunAbility, we pride ourselves on a rich, customer-first legacy. It's a mantra instilled by our founder, Ralph Braun, that our employees still live by today. 

I named it Hope because this van literally gave me hope...hope to get out, hope to live, hope to have freedom again, hope to explore and see and do things I otherwise would not do or see.

Tracie Ridgeway, from Indiana Read More

We got to experience things that we all thought we would never see. We make memories in [the Traverse] all the time because we can go. We’re not held up by anything.

Henry Eichner, from Florida Read More

I am so thankful that Kennedy’s surgery was an option... And I’m so grateful companies like BraunAbility offer specialized equipment that makes such a difference.

Kennedy's Mother, Lindsey, from Indiana Read More

We Want to Hear from Our Customer's Perspectives

For 50 years, BraunAbility has innovated mobility solutions to change lives for people with physical disabilities and provide independence and ease of use. To help celebrate our legacy, we would like to add you to our customer wall of fame.


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BraunAbility's Annual Drive for Inclusion Report

The 2022 Drive for Inclusion Report Card focused on the puzzling dynamic of a ready and willing workforce – people with disabilities -  being overlooked by businesses who are desperately looking for more workers. Many of these same corporations are also championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts across their organizations, but only 4% are including people with disabilities in their DEI work, even though it's the largest minority in America. To put it simply, the group that is everywhere is still being overlooked

of The Driving Force would work even if they didn't have to.

of The Driving Force who believe people with disabilities are fairy accommodated.

of The Driving Force think the job interview process is biased.

Play a Key Part in Our Product Development and Research Efforts

The Driving Force online community is the first and only community to unite all voices from the mobility disability space to create greater understanding of how we can work toward a more mobility-inclusive world. You don’t have to be a driver to be a part of our movement — anyone living with a mobility disability and their caregivers are welcome to join.


Members will be invited to participate in surveys and polls so that we can collect your experiences and challengers, ensure they are heard and inform actions that drive mobility inclusion. Come back often to read the latest news about how BraunAbility and The Driving Force are driving social change.

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