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Join The Driving Force, a passionate group of mobility advocates, rolling over obstacles and steering change.  

We know that 1 in 8 people will experience a mobility issue at some point in their lives. The Driving Force is the first and only community to unite all voices from the mobility disability space for greater understanding of needs and challenges of this group.  

The Driving Force is comprised of people with a variety of mobility disabilities and their caregivers. We listen to their stories and insights to learn what we can do together to create a world in which everyone can participate. 

We want to hear your story. And we want you with us as we work toward a more inclusive world.


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According to a recent survey of BraunAbility owners, 89% of wheelchair users feel excluded from events or places they want to go in their everyday lives. Specifically, having access to park, enter, exit and navigate a building or event space is keeping many of those with mobility challenges and their caregivers from enjoying the freedoms they deserve.

  • Nearly 2/3 avoided going somewhere because they were unsure if it was accessible.
  • 52% did not go somewhere because they couldn’t find accessible parking.

Source: 10/25/18 BraunAbility online survey of 1,143 wheelchair accessible van owners and caregivers.

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