How to Be an Advocate

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Advocacy is the way forward. More than one-third of social media users have used their accounts to advocate for important social issues. 

As young people become more vocal, more people consider how to be an advocate. It's not as hard as it looks. 

What is an advocate, and what do they do to prepare for their work? How can you start making connections for social change? What are some basic things you can do every day? 

Answer these questions and you can become a forceful voice for justice. Here is your quick guide. 

Inform Yourself

Pick an issue that you want to focus on. It can be racial justice, environmental sustainability, or disability awareness. 

Then spend some time diving deep into the issue. Go to your library and read the history of it, especially in your home country. Go online and visit websites from activists and educators alike. 

Keep in mind that many social issues overlap with each other. If you are focusing on disability awareness, be mindful of people of color with disabilities.

Flip to the opinions section of your local newspaper. Read the letters to the editor and columns there. Take notes on the positions you agree with and consider how you can refute people you disagree with. 

Make Connections 

If there is a website you find yourself revisiting, contact the editor for it. Tell them where you're from and ask for suggestions on how you can get involved in your area. 

Many websites have guides for activism or links where you can connect with local groups. Follow those resources. 

If there isn't a group near you, start one. Talk to your friends and schedule meetings in your home. 

Connections are about giving and taking. Spend plenty of time listening to those around you and considering your perspective. Give space for people of color to tell their stories.

Do Something Every Day 

Advocating is a constant practice. It involves making big gestures like giving speeches and organizing community events. 

But you don't have to exhaust yourself. Find something small that you can do every day.

Celebrate occasions like Mobility Awareness Month. Throw parties and invite people to come in and speak about being an advocate for your cause. 

Volunteer in your community, even in areas that don't relate to your core issue. You can work in a library, food pantry, or senior center. Make sure your community centers have resources for people with disabilities. 

Vote in all of your elections, especially local ones. Donate money to politicians who advocate for your perspective.  

How to Be an Advocate

It doesn't take long to learn how to be an advocate. You can start by educating yourself on an issue you care about. Learn about its extensive history, then study how people talk about it now. 

Go online and join a group near you. You can always create one of your own. 

Engage in advocacy daily. Mix big gestures with small and simple ones. Leave plenty of room for fun and affirming things like parties and holidays. 

Work to make the lives of people with disabilities better. BraunAbility is committed to that mission. Get mobility products for your community today.

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