Mobility Product Maintenance

Your Recommended Six-Month Maintenance Program

Getting your vehicle, lift, or other mobility product on a regular maintenance program is the most effective way to lengthen the life of your product. By sticking to check-ups every six months, you can avoid complications and ensure your BraunAbility product is working properly and safely.

If you are ready for a maintenance appointment, contact your local BraunAbility mobility dealer today. We look forward to serving you.

braun wheelchair lift repair
braun wheelchair lift repair

Mobility Product Maintenance 

A standard maintenance appointment will address all major components of your vehicle, both the original parts and the BraunAbility product parts. For conversion vehicles, that completely includes:

  1. Checking the vehicle's battery
  2. Cleaning and sealing the battery terminals
  3. Checking the door and ramp fasteners and hardware for tightness
  4. Lubricating the hinge and pivot points
  5. Cleaning the lower door channel
  6. Lubricating the door slides and rollers
  7. Checking the tire pressure and inflating the tires
  8. Testing the door, ramp, and kneel systems to ensure they are performing optimally

By setting up regular appointments, you are ensuring the longest life possible for your BraunAbility product.

Mobility Product Maintenance

What to Do Between Appointments

Routine cleaning of your wheelchair accessible vehicle, vehicle lift, or other mobility product is the best way to prevent a problem from developing. Try to keep a regular schedule with a minimum interval of four weeks between each cleaning, and pay special attention to areas where dirt and debris may collect. Regular cleaning and inspections will help you avoid most inconveniences.

In the rare instance that you experience a part failure, make sure you understand the backup systems that operate your product. This is crucial but often overlooked. Your local mobility dealer can show you how to operate these functions until you are comfortable using them independently. 

Learn how to lengthen the life of your BraunAbility mobility product.

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