Wheelchair Van Parts

We have noticed several trends in wheelchair van parts and service while talking to our BraunAbility product support team. 

In the past, we would quote part numbers and prices and the dealer would ask us to ship the parts as soon as possible to their dealership location. Now, we do the quotation and the dealer doesn't immediately place the order, but instead quotes the customer. If the customer agrees to the price of the part, the dealer calls back with the order or uses our electronic service to place the order.

We regularly get calls to order parts for wheelchair vans that are 15-20 years old. Many of our dealers are surprised that not only do we have the replacement parts, but often we have them in stock for immediate shipment, so we can quickly get wheelchair van replacement parts to our customers in all 50 states and Canadian territories.

These two trends tell us that people are watching their spending closely in this difficult economy and are using their resources to fix up their older wheelchair vans. 

We are proud to be able to provide wheelchair van parts, adaptive equipment, and product support for our products. BraunAbility is known for service after the sale. That service and on-going support is part of what you purchase when buying a BraunAbility wheelchair van.

Can I Order Replacement Parts Directly from BraunAbility? 

Customers often ask: “Why can't I search for parts on the BraunAbility site?”

The easy answer is no wheelchair vehicle manufacturing company offers a searchable parts inventory. However, the true reason wheelchair van parts can't be directly ordered from BraunAbility lies in our dedication to superior service. 

Rick Nelson, our Customer Care and Aftersales Director, said, “When it comes to your BraunAbility wheelchair vehicle, our customer safety should not rest on a customer's or untrained mechanic's shoulders."

Many local mechanics are not familiar with wheelchair vans or parts, and how they operate. Entrusting maintenance and repair to a certified mobility dealer, like a BraunAbility technician who has been trained the in operation and repair of accessible vehicles is extremely important to guarantee proper wheelchair van maintenance. 

Maintain All Wheelchair Accessible Van Parts 

 Your wheelchair van and its accessible equipment should be checked by a trained technician every 6 months. To schedule a vehicle maintenance appointment, contact your local dealer.

Your owner’s manual serves as a guide to help you properly maintain your wheelchair van and its parts. If you haven't looked at it for a while, please review everything. You may have used your BraunAbility vehicle and its accessible equipment for years, but your owner’s manual contains important safety information to help you get the most out of your wheelchair van.

If you can't find your owner's manual, we are happy to provide you with one. You can find your owner’s manual online, contact your local dealer, or contact BraunAbility

How Do I Get Replacement Parts?

Contact your local dealer and set up an appointment to diagnose your vehicle. Your technician will diagnose your vehicle, call our BraunAbility parts department, get a quote for the part, consult with you, and order replacement parts with your approval. 

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