Dealers sit at tables and watch a presentation at BraunAbility AbilityPro service training

Wheelchair Van Dealer Service - Training Our Technicians & Keeping You Moving!

BraunAbility Certified Mobility Dealer Service Training

In previous years, the technicians who service your Braunability equipment were required to attend live service schools at our manufacturing headquarters in Winamac, Indiana. We basically had two separate sessions: a three-day program for wheelchair lift service training, and another three-day program for wheelchair vans. This schedule gave us ample time to cover all aspects of the products, and time to test each student's abilities. However, it was quite a sacrifice for our dealers. In order to certify in our complete product line, our dealers would have to send at least one technician to two weeks-worth of schooling. The expense and downtime was an obvious issue. We also take surveys of the students after each day of class and found that the number one suggestion was to have more "hands-on" training during the schools. Before 2009, we spent much of the time going over classroom instruction and theory along with hands-on tasks that the students would have to perform.

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