Wheelchair Van Maintenance Guide

Like any vehicle, wheelchair van maintenance is needed to keep your wheelchair vans in top shape. Unlike most vehicles, that wheelchair van service needs to take into consideration in-floor ramps, side-entry conversions, and other modifications that are unique to wheelchair-accessible vans. 

Basic services for maintenance average less than $100 a year. Did you recently purchase a handicap accessible and need to know maintenance tips? Read on to learn the top four tips that you should follow to keep your vehicle in top shape. 

1. Establish A Maintenance Schedule

Regular inspections and maintenance with your dealer or service provider can add years to the life of your wheelchair-accessible vehicle or fleet of vehicles. Maintenance usually involves an examination of the vehicle. Parts are cleaned and lubricated as needed.

If minor repairs are needed, they can often prevent an unwanted breakdown months later. Maintenance and inspections are often very affordable.

2. Know Your Backup Systems

In case a van part fails, you'll want to understand your vehicle's backup systems. An automatic sliding door should have a manual option, for example. Automatic foldout ramp similarly should have a manual option in the event that the automatic feature fails. 

Check with your local mobility dealer to learn how these options function. You can even schedule an appointment with your dealer just to go over these important details. If you are in the market for a new mobility van, make sure that this question is on the top of your mind. 

3. Keep Up With Tires, Oil, And Fluid Levels

Your check-ups for maintenance may not include examinations of tires and certain fluids. Tires have a predetermined lifespan, so you'll need to work with a reliable tire store to make sure that your tread wear never becomes dangerous.

Oil changes are another important maintenance step for handicap vans. Did you buy a used wheelchair van? If so, your vehicle may need a special kind of oil for high-mileage vehicles. 

You will also want to have your breaks periodically changed. Finally, other systems in your van may require periodic changes. Transmission fluid is one example. 

4. Check Your Battery As Part Of Your Wheelchair Van Service

If you manage rental services, you need to make sure that your batteries are always ready to support a scooter lift, rotating seat, or another electronic feature. Those features can quickly drain a van rental battery. 

You can check with your mechanic before long road trips. Batteries have a certain shelf life. Check with the manufacturer and consider replacing batteries at the recommended timeline.  

Learn More Wheelchair Van Maintenance Tips

Following these wheelchair van maintenance tips can help you avoid getting stranded on the road or having to deal with costly repairs that were preventable. 

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