How to Protect and Repair Wheelchair Vans from Flood Damage

If you or a loved one use a wheelchair, you know just how vital it is to have a functioning wheelchair van. Unfortunately, like other vehicles, wheelchair vans can be subjected to flood damage.

How do you safeguard your wheelchair van against extreme weather? Is there special auto insurance coverage for wheelchair vans? We're answering all of your questions in this guide, so keep reading.

How to Protect Wheelchair Vans From Flood Damage

There are some general safety rules to protect cars from flood damage that also apply to wheelchair vans. For instance, when there is a threat of a flood in your area, do the following things:

  • Park your car on high ground
  • Make sure your doors, windows, sunroof, and other openings are properly sealed
  • Don't try to drive through high waters

That last tip is especially important for wheelchair vans. Even small puddles can damage the underside of your van, so it's important to avoid driving through water at all costs. It doesn't take much water to take your wheelchair van off the road, which makes life inconvenient for wheelchair users.

Make a Plan For Extreme Weather

Before the storm hits, you should have a plan in place so you can navigate safely. For example, if you use a wheelchair and need to evacuate, make a plan to contact your local public transit authority or FEMA.

Public transit vehicles can pick you up, and they have wheelchair ramps and lifts so that you don't have to worry about damaging your wheelchair van.

You can also register for emergency assistance through the federal Disaster Assistance Program. 

What to Do if Your Wheelchair Van Gets Water Damage

When you purchase a wheelchair van, it's crucial that you choose great insurance coverage for any accidents or disasters. Ask the auto insurance companies you are considering what their flood damage coverage looks like before you make your choice.

If your wheelchair van does get water damage, try to find a mechanic that deals specifically with wheelchair van repair. In most cases, you should be able to take your wheelchair van back to the dealer who converted the van for you.

For extra assurance, consider our Vehicle Service Contract. It's a contract exclusively for wheelchair vans that will help you get back on the road quicker. Essentially, the contract extends your vehicle's warranty coverage, which is vital for specialized vans.

Don't Overlook Disaster Preparedness

The best way to keep wheelchair vans protected from flood damage is to have an extreme weather plan in place. Think of it as a rainy day plan. You should share your plan with any friends and family who may be able to assist you when the storm hits.

Additionally, keep a list of disaster relief services for people with disabilities in your area that you can call. Your plan should also include a place to park your wheelchair van on high ground.

For more resources for people with disabilities, check out our other blogs or contact us today.

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