Adaptive Equipment to Add to A Wheelchair Van

The US car manufacturing industry's market size was over $86 billion in 2022. A part of this industry makes mobility products like wheelchair vans.

Custom wheelchair vans are available in the market today. They come in different varieties to fit any lifestyle and budget. There are brand new and pre-owned vehicles available.

These wheelchair vans are part of the adaptive equipment for drivers available right now. Do you want to know more about adaptive equipment? Keep reading to learn more about driving aids for wheelchair vans.

What Is Adaptive Driving Equipment?

In America, about 88% of people 15 and older are drivers. Adaptive driving equipment can help some of these drivers navigate the road. These devices can make a car more accessible for people with disabilities.

These devices can be ramps that can help the driver enter and exit the vehicle. Adaptive equipment can also improve the safety of the car. Other devices that can improve driving include lifts, hand controls, and securement options.

Hand Controls

Among the adaptive equipment options are hand controls. They come with levers and buttons to make driving easy. It can also control other car functions like signal turns, dimmer, and accelerator.

Hand controls are devices that can help a person with limited lower-body movements. It gives access to essential car controls. It allows the driver to control the gas and brake pedals with their hands.

The hand controls can be custom-made to the needs of a person. People with limited strength can adjust the resistance on their brakes. The location of the hand controls can also change depending on the hand and arm function.

Professionals can help configure the device to fit the needs of a person. This adaptive driving device allows the driver to use both hands while driving. This feature provides a safe and smooth driving experience.

Wheelchair Van Equipment

A wheelchair van has more space on the inside. This feature allows the wheelchair to enter and exit with ease. These vans come in options depending on the purpose and style.

There are two main options when it comes to van entry and exit. A converted van can have a side entry or a rear entry.

Conversion vans are usually the same size. Some have higher ceilings for a more comfortable ride. It's ideal to buy a bigger van when looking for a wheelchair van.

Driving aids for wheelchair vans should include wheelchair securement options. These options can be floor anchors, tie-down straps, or seat belts. This feature should keep the wheelchair in place and ensure passenger safety.

Lifts and platform carriers can also help the driver enter or exit the vehicle. It provides an unrestricted and stable entry to the car. This feature also gives the driver independence in mobility.

wheelchair lift helps with transporting a wheelchair. A remote usually controls the device when it comes down or rises back up. This feature allows for a safe entry and exit to the vehicle.

The Best Adaptive Equipment

There are many adaptive equipment options available in the market today. These devices can make driving easy and more comfortable.

Do you want to know more about adaptive equipment options? Contact us today! We can help you find one that will suit your needs.

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