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Purchasing a Truck Wheel Chair Lift: Everything You Need to Know

Your wheelchair allows you to keep your independence, and a wheelchair lift gives you the freedom to take your mobility anywhere you go. If you're looking for a wheel chair lift for trucks, then you may need a few tips for finding the best option. 

A truck wheel chair lift will make it easier to transport your wheelchair. You also shouldn't have to stress about needing assistance when traveling or heavy lifting that can cause injuries. You'll have several factors to consider, so here's everything you need to know about purchasing a truck wheelchair lift.

What Is a Truck Wheel Chair Lift?

While there have been huge advancements in wheelchair history, lifts have evolved to add flexibility with your specific vehicle. If you own a truck, then you need to find a compatible wheelchair lift for this specific type of vehicle. You have the versatility to stow your wheelchair behind your truck or in the truck bed. 

A handicap truck lift can provide safe wheelchair stowing with access from many parts of the vehicle. You can utilize the driver side, passenger side, curbside, and tailgate regions of the truck to load and unload your wheelchair. Trucks can typically handle more weight as well, so you'll have more capabilities with a truck wheel chair lift.

Take Advantage of Safety Features

Choose a handicap truck lift that has the best safety features and meets regulations. Assure that your handicap lift includes a safety lift interlock to protect you from accidents. This feature prevents your truck from shifting out of Park when the lift may not be stowed properly. 

Lift control pendants offer an additional safety feature and convenience. This provides an accessible button to stow and deploy the lift. Finding a wheel chair truck lift that has both a safety lift interlock and a control pendant is highly suggested to reduce safety risks. 

Internal Mount or Under the Vehicle Mount?

Internal mounts for wheelchairs are often cheaper than mounts for under the vehicle. These mounts can also handle heavier weights, so heavy-duty wheelchairs can be safely accommodated. However, if you're worried about limited space in your truck, an internal wheelchair mount may not be suitable.

An under the vehicle mount may be more expensive, but it's discreet. These mounts won't interfere with your truck space and interior. Keep in mind that under the vehicle mounts may reduce your ground clearance and can't carry heavier wheelchairs.

Single-Arm vs. Dual-Arm

You can find space-saving options with a single-arm wheelchair lift. This sliding or fixed design has the capacity to carry up to 600 pounds. Passengers can still use the truck doors while single-arm lifts must be used with passenger-side doors.

The dual-arm design offers a greater weight capacity with a limit of 800 pounds. This can accommodate more heavy-duty wheelchairs. This option does take up more space in the truck though, so you may want to use this on a rear entry of your truck.

Modern Mobility Solutions Are Available for You

Technology and research have paved the way for extra safety and capabilities in wheelchair lift design. Advancements have also led to rotating accessibility seats and wheelchair truck bed toppers. This means there are more factors to consider when buying a truck wheel chair lift, but there's way more accessibility. 

BraunAbility can help you choose the right mobility lift for your unique needs. Find a wheelchair lift that works for your truck and lifestyle.

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