Wheelchair Lift Innovation: BraunAbility® Under-Vehicle Lift

Wheelchair Lift Innovation: BraunAbility® Under-Vehicle Lift

BraunAbility's Under Vehicle Lift(UVL)achieves an optimal combination of convenience, reliability, and accessibility. It's just as the name suggests- a wheelchair & scooter lift that stores safely & automatically underneath your full-size van until you need it. Mounting the wheelchair lift platform on the underside of the vehicle allows more room inside your mobility van for maneuvering your wheelchair or scooter, easy access through the wheelchair van door for ambulatory passengers, and more room inside the van for cargo, people and anything else you might want to carry!

When not in use, the durable non-skid lift platform automatically stores in a protective aluminum compartment which shields it from moisture, dirt, and debris, maintaining your wheelchair or scooter lift in superior condition. The compact hydraulic system that powers the wheelchair lift's operation is installed inside the mobility van, keeping the electrical components of the lift away from the elements without sacrificing window visibility or space inside the van.

Even in the case of vehicle electrical failure, the UVL provides an easy-to-operate manual pump to allow operation of the wheelchair lift. As with all of our wheelchair lifts and wheelchair vans, BraunAbility's engineers have listened to customer feedback and carefully designed the Under Vehicle Lift with consideration to creating the safest, most reliable product available. The UVL integrates many features which make its operation easy, safe, and dependable. An electric roll stop engages automatically before the wheelchair lift will rise from the ground level, and the bridge between the lift platform and van floor prevents the lift from engaging its storage sequence until the user has safely entered the mobility van. Optional automatic door openers and a remote control which controls all wheelchair lift functions are also available to allow completely independent access to your mobility van.

The BraunAbility Under Vehicle Lift was designed for domestic full-size vans- it is installed at the van's side door, and requires modification of the vehicle's drive shaft. Your BraunAbility dealer can explain the features of the innovative UVL in detail, and help you determine which wheelchair or scooter lift best fits your vehicle, budget, and needs. Visit a BraunAbility dealer and experience each of our wheelchair lifts in person to decide which will work best for you!

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