Chair Topper: Convenient Wheelchair Carrier

The BraunAbility® Chair Topper® wheelchair carrier for car saves space and is simple to use.

Practical convenience. Blended style.

Think of this as valet service for your wheelchair! This convenient car top wheelchair carrier is an ideal solution for both drivers and passengers who would prefer their wheelchair not take up much-needed seating or storage space in their vehicle.

Once you’ve transferred into your car, the BraunAbility Chair Topper wheelchair carrier for car conveniently lifts and stores your wheelchair in the weatherproof rooftop compartment. And when you’re ready to exit, your wheelchair is retrieved and brought back to ground level at the push of a button! A convenient handheld control operates the folding, lifting, and storing of your wheelchair. It takes only 30 seconds to complete the cycle, and your wheelchair (and you!) will be saved from the wear and tear of constant transfers. 

wheelchair storage

Chair Topper Product Features

  • A convenient option for anyone who uses a foldable, manual wheelchair and can transfer themselves into a vehicle
  • Accommodates standard folding wheelchairs weight up to 44 lbs
  • Molded plastic cover completely seals wheelchair from outside elements
  • Store your wheelchair without sacrificing passenger or cargo space
  • Able to operate in tight parking situations
  • Chair hooks within easy reach of the driver
  • Since the wheelchair never enters the cabin, your vehicle’s interior is kept clean of debris
  • Ideal for tight parking as the Chair Topper only needs the width of your wheelchair to complete the transfer

BraunAbility's Wheelchair Carrier Product Details

  • Available as a driver configuration only
  • Lifting capacity – 44 lbs.
  • Unit weight – 123 lbs.
  • Molded plastic shell with aluminum frame
  • Adds approximately 22.5” in height to a vehicle
  • Integrated manual back-up system

One Size Fits Most

The BraunAbility Chair Topper wheelchair carrier is a universal mounting system that fits most automobiles and light trucks; see your BraunAbility dealer for details.

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Car-Top Manual Wheelchair Carriers for Folding Wheelchairs

At BraunAbility we make a wide variety of wheelchair lifts, wheelchair minivans, and paratransit van conversions. But, one of our most unique products is the Chair Topper, a rooftop carrier for your foldable manual wheelchair.

When people first see these things, they are amazed by the technology. Every Chair Topper user has probably heard the words "what will they think of next" a hundred times.

It's not unusual for people to stop and stare at the car wheelchair carrier. Our dealer in the United Arab Emirates saw one while he was visiting our shop. "I sold one," he told me "but we had to remove it." His customer would unload and go into a store then come back out to find a crowd of people around his vehicle. In their society it is considered rude for him to simply drive away, so he would spend the next half hour in the hot sun demonstrating the folding wheelchair car lift to his countrymen. The poor guy could never get anywhere without long delays, so he had it taken off.

The Best Wheelchair Storage for Cars

People who see the car top wheelchair carrier for the first time are also convinced they are looking at a brand-new design. That is a tribute to the guys who first engineered the car wheelchair carrier because the basic design is over 25 years old. About 5 years ago we gave it a face-lift and a diet by replacing the outer covers with light-weight and attractive plastic covers and replacing some of the steel insides with aluminum components. Thanks to that lighter weight and its new "shipability" we now sell the Chair Topper all over the world.

Part of the secret of our Chair Topper's success is the time and patience our dealers take to properly fit their customers. The wheelchair must fit into the car wheelchair carrier and the Chair Topper must fit onto the car. A great deal of care goes into the measuring and fitting process.

Chair Topper Support

If you have questions, issues or concerns regarding the Chair Topper, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install a wheelchair carrier?

BraunAbility Authorized Dealer locations offer certified mobility sales professionals and technicians that are trained in fitting and installing customers with the correct mobility solutions. The Chair Topper, BraunAbility's wheelchair carrier, is a convenient and efficient way to transport a manual folding wheelchair on the rooftop of certain applicable vehicles.  This installation should be done by a trained and certified technician and may include securing the carrier to the roof of the vehicle. In certain cases, a vehicle application may be able to utilize a roof rack for securement of the wheelchair carrier.  Find a BraunAbility dealer near you to get started. 

How much is an action track chair?

Power wheelchairs like the action track chair vary in size and functionality and should be custom fit for the consumers needs by a seating professional or ATP.

How do you transport a heavy wheelchair?

Power wheelchairs come in various sizes based on the capability of the chair for the wheelchair users' needs. For example, some power wheelchairs have increased size batteries, power seat functions and other accessories such as elevating leg rests, oxygen tank holders and all terrain tires. Due to this variation, it is important to have a consumer's needs be part of a wheelchair fitting by a trained and credentialed professional such as an ATP. It is possible to transport an occupied or unoccupied power wheelchair, but the weight and dimension of the chair are extremely important so as not to overload a vehicle or lifting devise.

If a consumer is not able to transfer safely out of their power wheelchair, they may be able to use a wheelchair accessible vehicle such as a side-entry or rear-entry lowered floor vehicle from BraunAbility. These modified vehicles offer a variety of interior space, seating options and carrying capacity to accommodate even the heaviest of power wheelchair users. BraunAbility also offers full size vehicle wheelchair lift options that can lift up to 750 lbs. and come in a variety of lifting styles.  Find a BraunAbility dealer near you for more information on how to safely transport a heavy wheelchair and wheelchair user.

If a consumer can safely transfer out of their power wheelchair, there are options available to secure the unoccupied powerchair with certain weight limitations of the lifting devise or consumer vehicle.  Most unoccupied lifting devises have a maximum carrying capacity of 400 lbs. but can vary based on the lift manufacturer.  

What is the maximum weight a wheelchair can hold?

Wheelchair weight capacity can vary based on the manufacturer and type of chair but can possible be as high as 600 lbs. It is important for a consumer to be properly fit for their wheelchair by a trained and credentialed professional such as an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).