HighTower® From B&D Independence, a BraunAbility Company

World's First Vertical Docking System Eliminates Ground Clearance Issues

The HighTower wheelchair securement system is no longer manufactured, but BraunAbility and B&D Independence remain committed to our customers and continue to provide parts and service on the HighTower docking system product. Fill out the form below for product service requests. 

In traditional automatic wheelchair securement systems, a pin beneath the wheelchair and docking system installed in the floor is used to secure the wheelchair in place. The HighTower is the first vertical docking system engineered for power wheelchairs. By keeping your securement system to the side of the wheelchair verses the bottom means a significant increase in ground clearance to prevent wheelchairs from getting caught on obstacles. 

Tested Product Safety and Stability 

The HighTower docking system improves overall wheelchair stability while riding in an accessible vehicle, making you safer than ever before. B&D Independence, the leader of transfer seat bases for the mobility industry for over 30 years, created the HighTower and tested with the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) to conduct crash testing for the HighTower docking system. See further information about safety testing at UMTRI's website here. B&D Independence is also a member of the Committee on Wheelchairs and Transportation, the foremost leader in safety and testing related to power wheelchairs and their securement systems. See more information about the committee standards here

Easy to Operate and Maintain

A frame bracket sits between the seat and frame of the wheelchair and the rod to the HighTower is installed to this bracket. The HighTower dock is then installed in the console area of the vehicle providing an easy solution for your securement needs. During your regular wheelchair vehicle maintenance appointments, your local technician will also inspect your HighTower components. For HighTower specific maintenance, fill out the on-page form to set up an inspection. 

Available for Drivers or Passengers

Because of the slim footprint of the HighTower docking system, it was easily installed in either or both the driver or front passenger positions of a wheelchair accessible lowered-floor vehicle or full-size van. 

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Pre-Owned Vehicles with HighTower Installation

BraunAbility offers a comprehensive Certified Pre-Owned vehicle inspection and maintains an inventory of certified pre-owned and used conversion vehicles. If a dealer buys back a vehicle with a HighTower installation, BraunAbility will remove the system before it is repaired and refurbished for a dealer lot. 

If you have a current HighTower docking system and would like it installed into a new BraunAbility vehicle, fill out the form on this page to connect with a certified BraunAbility technician who can help answer questions you may have about compatibility and cost. 

Compatible with Most Rehabilitation Power Wheelchairs

Medicare defines a rehabilitation power wheelchair as Group 2 Complex, Group 3 and some Group 4 power wheelchairs. The HighTower docking system targeted testing on these chairs specifically. See the manual below for a listing of full electric power wheelchair designs that were tested and made compatible with the HighTower product. 

The BraunAbility HighTower®