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Five Advantages of Wheelchair Tie Downs for Vans

There are 3.6 million people in the United States over the age of 15 who use a wheelchair. Transporting a wheelchair user is easier in a wheelchair accessible van. 

When transporting a person who is in a wheelchair, you want to make sure their wheelchair is safe for use in transportation and that you have secured the wheelchair properly. Read on to learn the advantages of wheelchair tie downs for vans.

Advantages of Wheelchair Tie Downs for Vans 

It is important to understand how to properly use wheelchair restraints and their advantages.

1. Easier to Enter and Exit a Vehicle

Getting in and out of a car, truck, or minivan without a ramp can be difficult when you are in a wheelchair. When you use a wheelchair van with ramps, lifts, and tie-downs, the process is much easier.

2. Less Exhausting

Transferring from a wheelchair to an automobile that is not wheelchair accessible requires several steps that can be exhausting and painful for the wheelchair user and their caregiver. Transferring requires using the upper body to maneuver into place, putting pressure on the shoulders and/or back.

3. Safety

When riding in a vehicle that has a wheelchair tie-down system, the wheelchair user is safely secured in place for the ride. The safety is maintained in any type of tie-down system, whether manual tie-downs, retractable tie-downs, or a docking system.

4. Accommodate Multiple Passengers

When you use a wheelchair accessible van, depending on the model and configuration you choose, you can easily transport the entire family in one vehicle.

5. Wheelchair Ramps and Lifts

The wheelchair ramp or lift for a wheelchair accessible van makes it safe and easy for the wheelchair user to enter, ride, and exit the vehicle without ever having to leave their wheelchair.

Types of Wheelchair Tie-Downs for Vans

When purchasing your wheelchair accessible van, there are three options to choose from.

In terms of affordability, manual tie-downs tend to be the most economical. These are secured via a four-point system with two straps in the front and two more in the back (and they come free of charge with the purchase of any BraunAbility vehicle).

Then, there are retractable tie-downs, which offer a quicker alternative to the manual 4-point secure system. These straps retract and tighten automatically when secured. You can also choose a docking system, which utilizes a single-lock point beneath the wheelchair. This model is ideal if you plan to drive from your wheelchair.

In addition to the line of securement systems for occupied vehicles, you can also purchase an unoccupied wheelchair restraint system that allows you to secure your wheelchair and then transfer to the drivers or passenger seat of the vehicle.

Increase Your Mobility Today

Wheelchair tie-downs offer safety, security and flexibility. BraunAbility offers one-on-one support so you can understand all your options when making your selection.

Check out our full line of mobility products. You can fill out our online form or give us a call today. We look forward to helping you get your wheelchair on the road!

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