5 Cons of Used Wheelchair Vans Under $5,000

Did you know that almost 14% of adults in America have a disability that makes it challenging to walk or climb stairs? Many people with disabilities require mobility products and wheelchair-accessible vans to maintain their independence and livelihood. 

Have you searched for wheelchair-adapted vans for sale and coming up shorthanded? It may seem tempting to purchase a cheap wheelchair van, but you can quickly add unexpected costs.

Luckily, we have put together five things you should look at before purchasing used wheelchair vans. Keep reading for more information!

1. Life Expectancy of the Van

Cheap, used wheelchair vans under $5000 may seem tempting, but you may be quickly replacing them in just a few short years. Buying used wheelchair vans means you run the risk of increased wear and tear on the vehicle. Ultimately, increased mileage and usage can create a lower life expectancy for your used van. 

Check out resources with your insurance to help cover the costs and purchase your van through a reliable company. 

2. The Used Van May Require Repairs That Offset the Savings

Conversion vans can mean added repairs, and sometimes, you don't exactly know what is hiding beneath the hood and flooring in a cheap used wheelchair van.  

Wheelchair accessible vans should be regularly maintained. What are some areas that mechanics check when working on your van?

  • Battery
  • Door and ramp fasteners
  • Door sliders or rollers
  • Tire pressure
  • Ramps, kneel systems, doors

Ensure you checked when the last scheduled maintenance was and how often it was taken in. To help prolong the life of your van, check out a reliable wheelchair van service to help schedule your maintenance needs. 

3. Vans Equipment May Not Fit Your Unique Needs

A custom wheelchair van is unique since they provide a wide range of adaptable characteristics such as:

  • Side or rear entry 
  • Infloor or foldout ramps
  • Customized interior panels
  • Carpet or rubber flooring

A used van may not have the correct type of ramp, flooring, or panels that fit your needs. You may spend more time putting yourself, or a loved one at risk or end up paying higher costs for van modifications. 

4. No Warranty

Many second-hand mobility cars with wheelchair access do not have warranties. If something breaks down, you end up eating the cost. What is the solution? 

When purchasing pre-owned wheelchair vans, go through a company that provides an extended mileage or year warranty. It will give you peace of mind that the car has been thoroughly inspected beforehand and that you are in safe hands if anything does break down. 

5. Lift Condition. Was It Gently Used?

The lift on a wheelchair van is arguably one of the more critical parts. It should handle the weight, width, and dynamics of power or manual wheelchair. 

When the lift is constantly used, it can wear down mechanical and electrical parts, rendering it useless. A new lift can be quite expensive, and you may be better off purchasing a better-used wheelchair van in the long run. 

Buying Used Wheelchair Vans

When buying used wheelchair vans, you want something that will not break the bank and last for years down the road. At BraunAbility, we have a variety of new and used wheelchair vans that meet the highest quality standards in the marketplace. Your local BraunAbility dealer will help you find a reliable used wheelchair van that will meet your and your family's needs. 

Our warranty and service team is with you every step of the way to handle any problems that may arise. Shop our used wheelchair accessible and handicap vehicles and get started with finding your used or pre-owned van today

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