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Which Handicap Driving Controls are Best for You?

Are you looking for something that will help you drive?

If so, then you're probably interested in handicap driving controls. These controls will aid you in navigating the road safely and legally. 

But how do you know which driving controls are best for you?

That's an excellent question. There are many different types of hand controls, but we're here to help! Below, we'll break down some of the best controls for disabled driving.

Acceleration and Deceleration Features

Speeding up and braking are two of the most essential features in driving. 

But what if you need some assistance doing these things? 

Fortunately, there are modifications that can be made to your vehicle to help!

Push/Rock Handicap Driving Controls

Push/rock handicap driving controls allow you to accelerate and brake without having to use your feet.

This function consists of a lever that conveniently sits next to the steering wheel. To speed up, simply pull the lever towards yourself. If you need to brake, push it toward the dash.

This is called the push/rock motion because the movement is a bit more like pushing and rocking than pushing and pulling.

Push/Pull Driving Controls

An alternative to the push/rock controls, this system involves motion that more closely resembles pushing and pulling.

It consists of a horizontal bar installed to either the left or right of the steering wheel. The driver then pulls the bar towards themselves for acceleration and pushes it to the dash when they need to brake.

This design is good if you're worried about hand fatigue while driving.

Push/Right Angle Acceleration

If you're looking for something that uses a bit more of a downward-arching motion, you might want to try push/right angle hand controls. 

This system, like the two others, contains a horizontal bar that you pull down towards yourself for acceleration. You can then push it away for braking. 

When using this system, the entire main body of the device stays stable, and only the handle moves when throttled.

Push/Twist Controls

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, then this might be for you. Why? Push/twist control systems function much as motorcycles do.

To accelerate, twist the handle like you would a motorcycle throttle, and then push it toward the dash to brake.

This device also goes neatly next to the steering wheel, giving you full access to the wheel and all your other controls.

Driving With Your New Controls

Now that you've got your vehicle outfitted for its new adventures, you're probably ready to hit the road. 

Before you do so, though, you might want to check your local requirements for driving with hand controls.

While all states allow hand controls, it is federally required that you complete training on how to use them. After all, you'll want to be as safe on the road as you possibly can!

Each state's requirements differ, so be sure to research yours! However, most people should expect to take lessons with a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.

If in doubt about exact requirements, you can contact your local DMV to ask.

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