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Choosing A Scooter Lift For Your Van

Many people use a motorized scooter to get around and be more independent. Loading and transporting them in a van requires a specialized scooter lift. There are many different kinds of scooter lifts for vans.

How do find the right one for you? This guide will help clear up the confusion.

Consider Your Van’s Make and Model

When choosing a scooter lift it’s important to consider the make, model, and size of your handicapped van. This will ensure the proper fit. You can find a wide selection of electric and manual scooter lifts that can be outfitted for many different kinds of vans.

Choose A Lift Type

Some lifts are designed to transport a scooter or wheelchair inside your handicap accessible van or SUV. Others transport them on the outside. You’ll need to decide which way you want to go.

And interior lift offers protection from the elements, which would matter a lot if you live somewhere with frequent rain or harsh winters. Even intense sunlight can damage a scooter or wheelchair over time.

An interior lift is fairly easy to operate, as well. You roll the scooter onto the platform, use a remote control device to raise the platform, and store your scooter inside the vehicle.

An exterior lift is designed to carry your scooter on the back of your vehicle. It’s a good option if you have frequent passengers in your van/SUV and need more seating space. 

Consider Weight Capacity

When making van modifications for disabled people you need to know how much weight your vehicle can safely handle. A small van or SUV will obviously have a smaller weight capacity than a full-size one.

Do you have more than one mobility device? Perhaps you bring a heavier scooter for long trips or for traveling over more challenging terrain. You might also have a light scooter or wheelchair for quick trips.

Choosing a Scooter Lift for Van Dealer

This may be the most important consideration. There are many products and mobility device dealers. You want to work with accessibility consultants who have been trained to manufacture and sell van scooter lifts and other mobility devices or accessories.

You also want to choose a dealer who has a good reputation for delivering quality products and services.

Best Scooter Lifts For Vans

Even by answering these questions, you may still have trouble choosing the right scooter lift. Here are a few scooter lift models to consider. Plus, take a look at some of the great wheelchair lifts from BraunAbility. 

BraunAbility UVL® (Under Vehicle Lift)

  • Stores underneath vehicle
  • Unobstructed doorway
  • Good for those using mobility aids & passengers

BraunAbility Millennium Series™

  • 3 sizes to fit a variety of wheelchairs/scootersHandheld, on-lift control, or remote control
  • Versatile lift optionsInstalls on either side of the van
  • Lowered side rail for angled lift entry

BraunAbility Century Series™

  • Streamlined & simple to use
  • Installs on rear or side of the vehicle

These scooter lifts are designed exclusively for vans and buses.

Get Mobile and Enjoy Your Life

Choosing between the different scooter lifts for vans is not an easy task. You have plenty of options. This guide will help you narrow down your choices so you can find the right one for your needs and van. 

If you are in need of other mobility products such as a wheelchair accessible vehicle, we can help. You can also find a local dealer.

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