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5 Different Types of Wheelchair Options to Increase Mobility

With over 2.7 million wheelchair users in America, the demand for increased wheelchair mobility is high. Many people don't know there are ways to increase their mobility even if they are in a wheelchair. 

Keep reading to learn about the 5 different types of wheelchair options that can help increase your mobility.

1. Modified Mobility Vehicle 

Choosing a modified mobility vehicle will help increase your mobility and make traveling less of a chore and much more fun.

Although the accessible vehicles market is expected to reach 40,000 vans in 2023 there's still a huge gap in the types of vehicles people need. You want to have a diverse selection of vehicles to choose from, such as a Dodge Caravan or Toyota Sienna.

It's also important that you choose a vehicle that has the correct entrance point for you, and there are options available whether you need a side entry or rear entry car.  

2. Vehicle Seats

Some people have a more difficult time getting in and out of their vehicle safely while using a wheelchair. That's where specialty vehicle seating options come in handy. No longer do you need to struggle with weird angles or much too small spaces by having a rotating transfer seat in your car to make more room to move around comfortably.

Usually, you can install these on the driver's side or passenger side giving you the option to choose where you sit comfortably. 

3. Wheelchair Lifts for Vehicles

Making getting in and out of your car a breeze with wheelchair lifts that can be adapted to fit most vehicles. No longer do you have to struggle with lifting your wheelchair in and out of the car. These wheelchair lifts are a must for people who love to go out and when you'll be getting in and out of the car often.

4. Wheelchair Locking Systems

It's never a fun time when you're in a moving car and you're slightly moving around the cabin. Use wheelchair locking systems to keep yourself in place and move only when you want to move. Think of these like a seatbelt to keep you safely in place until you're ready to get out.

5. Wheelchair Storage

wheelchair storage topper is a perfect option when you don't have a modified van. You can easily place this topper on top of your car and keep the inside of the vehicle the same for other passengers.

This is the perfect solution for those who don't want to scruff up the inside of their car or have some extra room to travel with more people.

Check Out All the Different Types of Wheelchair Mobility Options

Now that you know 5 of the different types of wheelchair mobility options that are available become more mobile today! If you don't know where to start check out our 'where to start' guide. 

When you're ready to buy use our easy store locator and we'll be more than happy to help you!

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