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5 Tips for Picking the Right Vehicle Scooter Lift

Roughly 1.7 million Americans use wheelchairs or mobility scooters in their daily life. But nearly four-fifths of that population report that their community public transportation networks are either inaccessible or too difficult to use. For car owners, a vehicle scooter lift can mean the difference between a home-restricted life and mobility independence. 

Because it is a significant financial investment, many scooter owners unnecessarily postpone the decision-making process. But with research and information, you or your loved one can feel confident in your choice. 

We've come up with these 5 tips to help you find the right scooter lift for the best value.

1. Research the Basics of Adding Mobility Features to Cars

Looking to add a wheelchair or scooter lift to a car you already own or are going to purchase can feel overwhelming. It's a good idea to first learn all that you can about the topic. BraunAbility Product Specialists are available to answer any questions you may have. 

2. Find Out if Your Healthcare Provider Will Cover Any Costs

A mobility device is a necessary tool for the daily life of someone with a disability, and as such, they are occasionally covered by insurance. Sometimes car alterations or help with the purchase of a lift are included as well. Call your provider and ask if there are any benefits available to help you or your loved one in this next step. 

3. Choose the Type of Vehicle Scooter Lift That's Best for You

There are a variety of lifts available on the market today, whether mounted outside or inside the vehicle, or loaded from the side or the back. A platform lift is designed to raise your mobility device into a car after you have parked it on the platform, while an arm lift picks up your chair or scooter. Each lift is designed to withstand a certain amount of weight and could be powered, hybrid or entirely manual.

4. Confirm the Compatibility of the Lift with Your Car

Some cars will not be able to accommodate a lift due to size constraints. Be sure to check with your car dealer or lift manufacturer to see what information is available before you make an investment.

5. Find a Professional for Installation

Because of the specialized nature of scooter lifts, it is not recommended that you install them on your own. Although it can cost $10,000+ to outfit a vehicle for accessibility, it is money well spent when you consider the benefits of properly-functioning equipment and how that can impact you or your loved one's daily activities.

Are You Ready to Purchase?

A vehicle scooter lift can be a game-changer for persons with disabilities, providing the freedom of movement needed to make a job, weekly appointment, or recreational activity more accessible.

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