Under Vehicle Lift® - Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift for Vans

Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift: More Space, Improved Visibility

The BraunAbility Under Vehicle Lift (UVL®) is a wheelchair lift designed for installation on the side door of full-size vans. The BraunAbility UVL is mounted beneath the vehicle in a weathertight enclosure, remaining out of sight and out of the way for other passengers until needed again. This means easy access for everyone, including loading any and all cargo, a clear side view for the driver while traveling and maximum interior space for passengers.

  • Van wheelchair lift does not block side door windows, allowing for full visibility. 
  • UVL does not block the doorway, allowing other occupants to enter/exit easily. 
  • A longer platform accommodates larger wheelchairs while still using the original doorway height. 
  • Automatic roll stop engages before the platform leaves the ground for added safety.
  • Slip-resistant platform. 
  • Built-in diagnostic system for easy troubleshooting. 
  • The UVL Series is VA accepted and fully NHTSA compliant.
braun uvl

Longer Platform Accommodates Larger Wheelchairs

The BraunAbility UVL Series features a longer ramp at 48” to accommodate larger wheelchairs and scooters, while still maintaining the original doorway height. The lift is hydraulic in operation, but all functions are controlled by a handheld electric control or an optional remote control for both the in/out cycle and the outboard roll stop.

Key Features and Specifications of the BraunAbility UVL


Inboard Roll Stop

The automatic inboard roll stop serves as a bridge from the platform to the vehicle floor. As a safety feature, platform operation is prevented if the inboard roll stop is occupied.

Handheld Control

The standard hand-held control regulates all van wheelchair lift functions. For greater convenience, an optional remote control system is available.

Hydraulic Power System

The hydraulic power system for this wheelchair lift is mounted inside the vehicle, out of the elements. In the event of vehicle electrical failure, the UVL can be operated with the manual backup pump.

Threshold Warning Plate

A threshold warning plate is a sensor installed on the entrance to the lift. If this plate is engaged when the lift platform is below vehicle floor level, lift operation will be prevented, and visual/audible warnings will alert passengers and attendants to unsafe conditions. This is a best-practice feature that keeps the lift user safe during operation.

Optional Door Operators

The optional automatic door operators give you complete control of your mobility. The doors can be opened and closed by activating a key fob or small handheld remote. 

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Wheelchair Lift Specifications:

Lifting Capacity: 750 lbs.

Weight: 500 lbs.

Platform Width: 31″

Platform Length: 48″

Security Features of the BraunAbility UVL

As with all BraunAbility lifts, the UVL is built to meet stringent specifications and safety standards. The UVL is also equipped with an emergency manual backup system, should you ever need it. And, for further peace of mind, every UVL is backed by BraunAbility’s 3-year worry-free limited warranty.

See more features and details on the Under Vehicle Lift by downloading the owner's manual on our Manuals page.

Financing Available

BraunAbility Finance is here to find a financing option that fits your budget window. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to buy, we’re here to help on every step of your mobility journey.