What is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)?

Non emergency medical transportation, also known as NEMT, is a transportation service available to people who face significant barriers in access to medical care. NEMT can be utilized by individuals who qualify for Medicaid and require assistance to get to and from their medical appointments.  

What is the Difference Between NEMT and Emergency Medical Transportation? 

Non emergency medical transportation and emergency medical transportation are not synonymous. As the name suggests, non emergency medical transport is used in non emergency situations, like routine doctor visits. If a person requires immediate medical attention, an emergency transportation service, like an ambulance, should be called. Non emergency medical transport services are intended for planned medical appointments. Any unplanned or unexpected medical emergencies may require an emergency transportation service.  

Types of Non Emergency Medical Transport Services 

Depending on your needs, and your location, rides may be offered by car, van, taxi, or public transport, and you may share rides with others who are utilizing non emergency transport services. If you are looking to schedule a ride for a routine medical appointment, call your local NEMT service. If you cannot find a non emergency transport service near you, call your local healthcare provider to see if they offer a medical transportation service, or visit your local government website to find NEMT near you. 

Non emergency medical transport provides transportation to and from medical facilities for qualifying individuals. NEMT cannot be utilized for non-medical purposes, like going to or from work, or running errands. If you are looking for transportation services to non-medical facilities, consider rideshares, or public transportation. 

Who Qualifies for Non Emergency Medical Transportation?  

Qualifications for non emergency medical transport can vary by state, but generally, those who qualify for Medicaid may be eligible to receive non emergency medical transportation to and from medical appointments, like routine visits to doctors’ offices, hospitals, or other medical providers. Non emergency medical transport is utilized by individuals who are unable to get to and from medical appointments without transportation assistance, so people who have a vehicle, are capable of driving, or have access to alternative modes of transportation may not qualify for NEMT. Individuals who may qualify for non emergency medical transport include: 

  • Disabled people 

  • Elderly people 

  • Low-income individuals or families 

  • Pregnant women 

If you are unsure whether you qualify for non emergency medical transportation, review your state’s guidelines, or call your local medical provider to see if they provide NEMT. 

Does Medicaid Cover Non Emergency Medical Transportation? 

In most cases, non-emergency medical transport is covered by Medicaid, however, if you are not careful, you may end up paying for NEMT services. Be diligent in your communication with your local NEMT service to avoid paying fees. Call your local medical transportation service if you no longer need a ride, or need to cancel, and arrive at your pick-up location on time. Letting your local medical transport service know this information will allow for a smooth transportation experience at no cost to you. 

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Near Me 

If you are looking for non emergency medical transportation near you, a great place to start is your state’s government website, which should provide location-specific information regarding qualifications and local services. If you’re still unsure, talk to a local healthcare provider to see if they can provide a non-emergency transport service for you. 

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