Q'Straint® Retractors and Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Q’Straint Deluxe Retractors now standard on all new BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Q'Straint Retractors and Wheelchair Tie-Downs Features:

Q'Straint Retractors and Wheelchair Tie-Downs Features:

Enhanced Safety

Your safety is our top priority.  Q’Straint systems are engineered to meet or exceed the highest safety standards. With the Deluxe Retractor System in our BraunAbility accessible vehicles, you can trust that you or your loved one will remain securely fastened during transit. It’s a new level of peace of mind. 

Easy to Use Wheelchair Tie-Downs

We know that ease of use matters. The Q’Straint Deluxe Retractors are designed with you in mind. Their user-friendly, self-tensioning mechanism makes securing your wheelchair hassle-free, eliminating manual adjustments. Easily secure the chair with one hand.

Modern, Proven Technology

We are bringing modern, proven technology to you. Partnered with Q’Straint, a trusted leader in mobility equipment safety, you can trust that you have access to the most advanced, reliable technology available. BraunAbility vehicles are engineered with securement tracks on our floors to exclusively work with the safety tested Q’Straint securements.

Compatible Vehicles

Install Q'Straint Retractors and Wheelchair Tie-Downs in Your Vehicle

Vehicle Type
Rear-Entry Manual Ramp
Vehicle Type
Side-Entry Foldout XT Power Ramp
Vehicle Type
Side-Entry Infloor Power Ramp
Vehicle Type
Side-Entry Foldout Power Ramp

QRT Deluxe Retractors and Wheelchair Tie Downs

Dual Tightening Knobs

Provides additional tensioning when needed and can be used with one hand or released easily with a foot lever.

Positive Lock Indicator

Patented feature clearly indicates when fitting is locked in the track, with a straight red line.


Reduces twisting of belts and ensures proper securement with a quarter turn accommodating virtually all wheelchair designs.


Constructed from hardened steel and coated in zinc for maximum corrosion resistance.

Downloads and Resources



Q'Straint Product Warranty


QRT Deluxe Standard and Regulations




QRT-1 Series Brochure



Purchasing Your Retractors & Wheelchair Tie-Downs

The Q’Straint QRT Deluxe Retractors are now available in all new BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles and are part of the original purchase. If you are looking to customize your needs further, our authorized BraunAbility dealers offer a lineup of additional wheelchair securement products. Your local dealer will assess your needs and work with you to create a solution that is uniquely yours. Wheelchair securement products can be installed in the driver, passenger, or center position.  

Finance is also available through BraunAbility Finance and your local mobility dealer. Your purchase could also be eligible for automotive manufacturer rebates.

Find Your Dealer

Financing Your Wheelchair Tie-Downs

Fast and Easy Finacing Available

Financing is available for the equipment added to your vehicle and could not be easier. BraunAbility Finance has easy solutions with a 60-second pre-qualification process without impacting your credit.  You can view instant, customized finance offers and work with your local mobility dealer for convenient installation times to get you back on the roads easily and comfortably. 

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“We always prescribe retractable securements for veterans, whether they are a driver or a passenger. I honestly don’t even mention any other types of securements. The self-retracting style securements are the only option for our veterans.” 

— Bryan Garrison, RKT, MHA, CDRS, PMR Telehealth Program Manager, James A. Haley VA Hospital 

Frequently Asked Questions About Q'Straint Retractors and Wheelchair Tie-Downs

What are wheelchair tie-downs, and why are they important?


Wheelchair tie-downs, or securements, are systems designed to safely and securely anchor wheelchairs in place during vehicle travel. They ensure the wheelchair user's safety and prevent movement that could lead to accidents or discomfort. Securements are essential to provide a reliable and comfortable journey.

What are Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors?


Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors are state-of-the-art wheelchair tie-down systems designed to simplify and enhance the process of securing wheelchairs in BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles. These retractors feature a self-tensioning mechanism that automatically adjusts the tension to secure the wheelchair effectively. This offers convenience, safety, and time efficiency compared to manual restraints.

How do Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors benefit wheelchair passengers?


Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors prioritizes the wheelchair user's experience. The self-tensioning mechanism eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving valuable time and effort. Wheelchair passengers experience enhanced safety as the tie-downs maintain consistent tension, reducing the risk of slippage or movement during travel.

How do Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors enhance safety?


Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors are engineered to meet or exceed safety standards, including regulations set by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Association (NHTSA). The self-tensioning mechanism ensures a secure and stable connection between the wheelchair and the vehicle, minimizing the potential for accidents or discomfort during transit.

Are the Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors easy to operate?


The self-tensioning feature of Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors eliminates the need for manual tightening, making the process of securing the wheelchair user quicker and more user-friendly. Caregivers and drivers can operate the securements with ease, ensuring a smoother loading and unloading process.

Can Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors save time?


Absolutely. The self-tensioning mechanism of these wheelchair tie-downs eliminates the repetitive need for manual adjustments, saving valuable time, especially in scenarios with multiple wheelchair passengers. This time-saving advantage can be crucial for caregivers, drivers, and passengers who want an efficient travel experience.

Are Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors compatible with various wheelchair sizes and types?


Yes, Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors are designed to accommodate a wide range of wheelchair sizes and types. The securements can be adjusted to fit different wheelchairs, ensuring a versatile solution for various passenger needs.

Are Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors easy to install?


Yes, Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors are designed for ease of installation. They come with clear instructions and user-friendly mechanisms, making the installation process straightforward for caregivers, drivers, or technicians. All BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles come standard with versatile securement points and instructions on how to properly secure the chair.

How can I get a demonstration on proper use of these and other wheelchair tie-downs?


To experience the convenience, safety, and time efficiency of Q'Straint Deluxe Retractors, visit one of our BraunAbility dealers. Their knowledgeable staff will be delighted to demonstrate their operation in our BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles.