What Is a Hybrid Car and Can It Be Wheelchair Accessible?

In 2019, the sale of hybrid vehicles rose over seventeen percent in comparison to 2018. This unexpected increase in sales is a result of the popularity of electric cars. The expense of an electric car has many consumers turning once again to fuel-efficient and cost-effective hybrids.

But hybrid cars are not suitable for everyone — or are they?

In this article, we will explore handicap-accessible hybrid vehicles and electric cars. We will also answer the question "what is a hybrid?" and give you some great resources for finding the perfect handicap-accessible hybrid vehicle.

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What Is a Hybrid?

A hybrid vehicle is an automobile that uses a combination of electricity and gasoline to run. You may not realize that you are probably already familiar with hybrids in the form of the Toyota Prius.

The Prius made its debut in Japan in 1997. The Prius is considered to be the first hybrid car as we currently know them. However, long before Toyota, builders were experimenting with hybrid vehicles in various forms.

Although the 1997 Prius looked much different than its modern counterpart, the concept was the same. The electric motor and gasoline combination allows for less gas consumption. Less gas consumption puts more money back in your pocket and helps to reduce carbon monoxide pollution.

Hybrid vs. Electric

In a similar vein, electric cars completely remove the need for gasoline and rely solely on electric power. Electric cars charge their batteries through an access point. The cars store the resulting electricity for future use.

No gasoline makes electric cars a cleaner, more environmentally friendly choice for your commute.

Elon Musk's Teslas are growing to be a more popular choice for drivers. But electric cars are expensive to produce and buy, which is leading to a resurgence in the sale of hybrids.

Are Hybrids and Electric Vehicles Accessible?

Hybrids and electric cars are safe, clean choices to help reduce pollution and make for a better ride. But are hybrids and electric cars wheelchair accessible? 

In 1997 when the Prius made its first appearance, the short answer would have been "no." The technology was simply not advanced enough to accommodate accessible vehicles, which are typically larger in size.

But in this modern age, the short answer is a resounding "yes." 

Hybrid and electric vehicles that are also accessible are still a bit limited, but they are available. With great tools at your fingertips, finding the perfect accessible vehicle that is also a hybrid or electric model is simple.

Resources for Accessible Hybrid Cars

We have answered your questions about what is a hybrid. We explored some differences between hybrids and electric cars. We can confirm that these eco-friendly vehicles are accessible.If you are interested in obtaining an accessible vehicle but also want to contribute to a greener planet, hybrid or electric cars are a fabulous choice.

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