5 Tips to Get Your Accessible Vehicle Summer Ready

5 Tips to Get Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Summer Ready

Make sure to get your handicap vehicle summer-ready before the heat hits. These five tips will keep your wheelchair accessible vehicle in peak condition so your family vacation makes waves, and won't be on the rocks.


Check Your AC

It's hard to imagine a time when air conditioning was not standard in vehicles, but the internet insists people actually once lived without. For people with heat-sensitive conditions like multiple sclerosis, proper cooling is especially critical. Not only does AC keep you comfortable in sweltering weather, but did you know extreme weather can predispose you toward argumentative behavior? Keep the peace in your car and make sure your AC is in good condition.

Service Your Engine's Cooling System

Coolant, for the less car savvy, is commonly called antifreeze and is responsible for keeping the engine in your vehicle from overheating. If your levels get low, your engine will run hotter than normal and with hot temperatures outdoors, you could have a very expensive problem on your hands. Make sure your service provider inspects your engine's cooling system and services it as necessary to prevent any breakdowns.

Check Your Tires

Sudden changes in temperature can affect the safety of your vehicle by negatively affecting tire pressures, so check them regularly per the tire manufacturer's recommendations. The older your tires are, the more likely you could experience dry rot, bulging tires, or other dangerous conditions. Most tires have an expiration date so if you don't do a lot of driving, you may still need to replace the tires simply because they are too old to be safe. Read this link for more tire considerations.

Investigate Your Hoses

Over time, high heat can cause cracks in hoses and tubing, much the same way it causes potholes on roads. These cracks could lead to leaking fluids, causing damage to your engine and other important components. Regular service and replacing parts that are areas of concern will help prevent costly damages.

Visit Your BraunAbility Dealer

You should be visiting your dealer every 5,000 miles or so just to ensure your vehicle is safe. They'll look over both your modified components and your original manufacturer components to keep your accessible vehicle summer trip on track. To find your closest BraunAbility dealer and schedule an appointment, click here.


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