Do You Plug in a Toyota Hybrid Wheelchair Van?

Answers to this and other common hybrid questions

Hybrid vehicles may still feel like new automotive technology, but believe it or not, Toyota introduced its first hybrid vehicle in 1997! Since then, hybrid technology has only gotten better, improving in both fuel efficiency and cost savings for the consumer. That’s good news for the environment and hybrid owners’ wallets.

Last year, BraunAbility introduced its first-ever hybrid vehicle: the 2021 Toyota Sienna. It became an instant customer favorite. New owners appreciate everything from the ultra-maneuverable interior cabin to the power-chair friendly front seating positions to the notable improvement in fuel efficiency over other wheelchair vans.

Some consumers may still be a little hesitant to give up the familiar gas-powered engine for the unknowns of a hybrid. If you’re in that camp, be sure to read through our list of common questions (and misconceptions) about hybrids.

Do I need to plug in the Toyota since it’s a hybrid?

No. The new setup uses a large electric battery simply to supplement the gas engine – no plugging in required at all. We like how Regional Sales Director Matt Swope explains it in this short video.

What can I expect while driving a Hybrid?

Drive the van like any other vehicle and enjoy knowing you’re using less fuel. At lower speeds, your travel will be (near) silently powered by the electric battery, switching to the familiar hum of a gas engine when added power is needed.

How much can I expect to save on gas using a Hybrid?

Toyota estimates an owner can expect to save $14,000 over the 20-yr life of the 2021 Sienna compared to its gas-only predecessor. That’s $700 a year back in the owner’s wallet.

Can I get as far on a tank of gas in a hybrid vehicle?

You can go even further! The switch from gas to the hybrid on the Toyota Sienna gained an impressive 15-mpg improvement over the previous model. In fact, you can clock a remarkable 600 miles on just one tank of gas.

Of course, the best way to learn about the BraunAbility Toyota Hybrid is to test drive one in person. Until then, you can explore our website to learn more about the BraunAbility Toyota Hybrid. And if you have more questions, we have more answers! Reach out to our Product Specialists or your local BraunAbility dealer

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