Toyota Hybrid Wheelchair Van Comparison Guide

The visible and not-so-visible differences that clearly set BraunAbility above the competition.

ManeuverAble - Expertly Engineered to Maximize Space Where It Matters

Doorway and Ramp Width: Sliding door extends almost two extra inches giving more room to enter and exit for even the largest power wheelchairs.

Competition: No doorway extension means limited access for many customers.

Maximized Interior Space: An expertly designed suspension maximized interior space, resulting in a roomy 59” turning diameter and effortless maneuverability.

Competition: Rear corner plastics intrude significantly into the cabin, limiting maneuverability and adding valuable time to each entry and exit.

Extra-Wide Front Seating Positions: A creatively redesigned center console creates an over 3” width advantage at both front seat positions.

Competition: The blocky standard console leaves limited room for a driver or passenger to squeeze into place


DriveAble - Designed for the Independent Driver

Comfortable, Convenient Console: Not only does the contoured console allow for easy positioning and an extra 3” behind the steering wheel, but it also features easy-to-access controls, charging ports, and two cupholders.

Competition: Drivers will notice less width behind the steering wheel as well as inconveniently located controls and ports which may be unreachable for some. 

Add-On Equipment Capable: We relocated the high voltage battery to the rear of the vehicle, which allows easy installation of add-on equipment, such as transfer seat bases and lockdown systems. 

Competition: The high voltage battery remains in the front of the vehicle, in many cases prohibiting the installation of necessary add-on equipment. 

Armrests for the Long Haul: Toyota Sienna armrests have been added to both the driver and passenger front seats for added comfort and assistance. 

Competition: No armrests mean less comfort and support for drivers or passengers.

ComfortAble-Designed with the Extras You Deserve

Soft Glow Lighting: Industry-first LED lighted ramp and interior lighting provide an easy-on-the-eyes glow to softly illuminate the way ahead. 

Competition: Bright lighting shining upward may be too harsh for some passengers.

Easy-to-Use, Full-Length Footrest: All-new rotating footrest provides riding comfort for 3rd-row passengers and is easier than ever to operate

Competition: Narrow application serves fewer passengers.

Your BraunAbility Toyota was designed to accommodate extra comforts and conveniences, like remote keyless entry and ramp operation, a factory-installed tow package, removable rear bench seat for added space, heated seats on XLE package and above, and ventilated seats on Limited packages.

DependAble - Built to Trust with Your Safety First

The BraunAbility Toyota Hybrid, our most advanced conversion yet, is the culmination of over 55,000 engineering design hours and the latest in a 15-year partnership with Toyota Mobility. Even as our conversions become more sophisticated, every vehicle is built on a foundation of design integrity and a commitment to put your safety first.

BraunAbility Built to Trust Guarantee:

Owning any BraunAbility comes with the promise of uncompromised engineering, including:

  • Proven, heavy-duty aluminum foldout ramp guarantees rust-free durability
  • New tier-one sourced wiring harness with factory-original connectors - no retrofitting
  • Brand-new, uncompromised brake lines installed with no re-bending or recycling

Safety and Dependability Ahead of Headlines

While other converters may catch your attention with new feature call-outs, they’re likely doing so by trading a critical need or cutting corners. The AWD Toyota Hybrid WAV on the market today has several limitations, including cramped cabin space, inability to support bolt-on accessible equipment, a higher vehicle stance, and a significantly increased price. Here’s more to consider:

  • The BraunAbility Hybrid can safely carry an additional 22% more weight than the competitor’s vehicle due to the extra weight of an AWD chassis, especially when combined with the heavier infloor conversion.
  • BraunAbility retains the OEM spare tire; the competition chose to remove it completely.
  • BraunAbility does not offer interchangeable front seating because it would alter or disable the course of the vehicle’s airbag deployment. We put your safety first.
  • Our internal testing reveals wheel well covers accelerate corrosion and rust on the chassis because they trap debris and moisture.