Toyota Hybrid Wheelchair Van Questions Answered​

Toyota Sienna Made Accessible by BraunAbility

The new BraunAbility Toyota Hybrid is a very clever conversion, but with that cleverness comes some complexity. We’ve rounded up the most frequent questions around the vehicle’s hybrid system and the conversion and offered our straightforward answers, so you know exactly what to expect.​​

What trim packages is BraunAbility converting? Will other packages be offered in the future?

​BraunAbility is converting the LE, XLE, XLE Plus, Limited trim packages. Due to certain weight constraints and wheel size, the Sport and Limited Platinum packages cannot be converted at this time.  Updated packages will be communicated as they are available. ​​

Will BraunAbility accept customer-supplied chassis? ​


Will all units have a towing package?

​BraunAbility will stock units without a hitch. The hitch will need to be installed by a Toyota dealer and will result in the removal of the rear valance piece.  ​​

What is the towing capacity?​

Tow capacity is retained at 3500lbs; however, all OEM vehicle weight ratings must be followed. Refer to Owner’s Manual as it clearly defines requirements for towing. Towing package is required for trailering. ​ 

BraunAbility seeks input from customers at every milestone of our product design. Watch the video to hear what our end-users had to say about the Toyota Hybrid sneak peek preview.​

​Is the horsepower affected due to the hybrid technology?​

The horsepower is not affected. This Hybrid technology features a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and two electric motors that combined offer 243 horsepower.  It also features an electronically controlled continuously variable automatic transmission, as opposed to a conventional stepped gear automatic transmission.​​What type of fuel is recommended? ​

Toyota recommends unleaded gasoline with an Octane rating of 87 or higher.​​Does the conversion affect the MPG? (36 MPG from OEM)

​No, the converted vehicle maintains 36MPG across the board, highway and city.

Where are the batteries located post-conversion?

​In order to maximize cabin space while retaining BraunAbility exterior vehicle styling, the high voltage battery was relocated to the rear cargo area. It is fully contained and easily accessible if required. ​

What is the life expectancy of the batteries and the warranty on them?​

The high voltage battery warranty is 120months/150,000 mile, and the hybrid system warranty is 96months/100,000 miles.​ ​

Does the BraunAbility conversion modify the OEM warranty?


​Has the exhaust system been modified?​

The exhaust routing has been modified; however, BraunAbility has maintained all main OEM components including heat exchanger, catalytic converter, muffler, and flex pipe. Any new exhaust pipe routing required is stainless steel.​

Where is the OEM 12V Battery located?​

The 12V battery is positioned at the rear of the vehicle in the hatch area.​​

Will BraunAbility be converting the AWD option?

​BraunAbility will not be converting an AWD option.  The lowered floor conversion interferes with the drive system to the rear axle of the AWD chassis.

​​How does the 2021 BraunAbility Toyota compare to the previous model in interior floor space?  

​BraunAbility maintained all the interior floor space and maneuverability appreciated in the most recent Toyota conversion. ​​

What features of the Toyota are disabled after conversion?  ​

BraunAbility strived to maintain all OEM features after conversion, however at this time the Kick to Open feature has been disabled.  ​​

Did you retain the center console from Sienna?

​BraunAbility retained all the functional elements of the impressive center console but redesigned its shape to maximum space and maneuverability around the driver and front passenger positions​​.

What is the vehicle’s ground clearance? ​

BraunAbility achieved an impressive 5” ground clearance measured at the exhaust at the rear of the vehicle.  The clearance to the main body structure (frame rail) is 6.5”, a considerable advantage over the previous model. ​​

Will the heated and ventilated seats remain functional when one seat is removed?​

Yes, BraunAbility hasretained the function of both heated and ventilated seating if the package includes these features, even after one of the front seats are removed.​ 

​Can the third-row seat three people with a car seat?  ​

The XE and XLE trim levels will seat three comfortable, and the OEM seat and the child restraint system are retained. The Limited trim level requires a seat bolster due to weight, eliminating the middle seat position on the 3rd row.​ ​

Will the front seats have adjustable armrests?​

Yes, both front driver and passenger seats have adjustable armrests.