BraunAbility Product Frequently Asked Questions

What is an accessible vehicle?

BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicles are manufactured to offer ease of access for wheelchair and scooter users. The floor has been lowered and the vehicle equipped with a lightweight ramp for easy entry and exit. Accessible vehicles are available in side- or rear-entry designs. See our Shopping Tools page for more information on accessible vehicle types.

I already own a minivan. Can BraunAbility convert my van?

Possibly, but certain conditions must be met. Only certain makes and models can be converted. Additionally, the vehicle must meet an age range requirement and have less than 50,000 miles on the odometer. Contact a Product Specialist at or (800) 488-0359 to determine if your vehicle is eligible for BraunAbility conversion.

Can I purchase a minivan at my car dealership and then have it converted?

Absolutely! Be sure to contact a Product Specialist or your BraunAbility dealer first to ensure you purchase a vehicle that we are able to convert. However, looking at a BraunAbility mobility consultant’s inventory is the best first-step to finding the vehicle conversion that fits best for you. Often, you may find the perfect vehicle already ready to bring home.  

Can I simply add a ramp to my existing van?

No. A ramp is just one aspect of the major reengineering required to create a BraunAbility accessible van. Teams of skilled technicians work together on a modern assembly line to produce a wheelchair accessible vehicle with a lowered floor, extended doorway height, a heavy-duty ramp and reconfigured seating that blends with the original design of the vehicle. Without the additional vehicle modifications, a wheelchair user would not be able to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle. 

How long does the conversion process take?

If you decide to send your own vehicle in for conversion or place an order for a vehicle, the wait time to receive your accessible vehicle can vary depending on current order influx and shipping availability. Your BraunAbility dealer can give you an estimate at the time of order. The average conversion process for a customer-supplied chassis is six weeks. BraunAbility dealers maintain a stock of wheelchair accessible vehicles converted and ready for immediate delivery in their showrooms and in their lots. You will have a choice of chassis and ramp styles to try out, allowing you to determine which vehicle meets your needs.  

Can I drop my vehicle off at BraunAbility’s manufacturing headquarters in Indiana for a quicker conversion?

No. Your BraunAbility dealer will coordinate pickup and delivery of your vehicle to the dealership.

What if my need for a wheelchair accessible vehicle is temporary?

BraunAbility vehicles are available for rental through your local dealership. Because availability varies across the country, we recommend contacting your local BraunAbility dealer to determine the available rental length period.

Can I buy a lift and install it myself?

BraunAbility products are only available through our 200+ certified mobility dealers, which are located across the country. Like our accessible vehicles and other seating products, wheelchair lifts are sold through the dealer and installed by certified technicians. If you have a lift installed or serviced by an outside source rather than a BraunAbility certified technician, you risk voiding the warranty of the lift.

What is the ground clearance of an accessible vehicle?

Ground clearance can vary from one vehicle to the next due to a number of factors including chassis type, conversion components, ground conditions and tire pressure. Generally, the ground clearance on our vehicles is between 4 and 6 inches.   

Is financing available for the BraunAbility conversion?

BraunAbility is the only manufacturer in the mobility industry that offers financing specifically for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Talk with a BraunAbility Product Specialist or your BraunAbility dealer to find out more about BraunAbility Finance and other potential funding options that may apply toward your mobility purchase.  

Is there any trade-in value for accessible vehicles?

When you are ready for a new vehicle, BraunAbility dealers will accept your old van as a trade-in and the conversion cost maintains its value even more so than the vehicle. Your BraunAbility dealer also accepts the trade-in of an unconverted. 

What kind of warranty does BraunAbility offer?

BraunAbility backs the quality craftsmanship of our wheelchair accessible vehicles with a 3-year/ 36,000-mile limited warranty1.  Additionally, the chassis is covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I know if an issue I am having is from the vehicle manufacturer or the BraunAbility conversion?

Check with your BraunAbility dealer first to determine what kind of issue you are experiencing. Even if your problem is from the original vehicle manufacturer, repairs for that problem can affect the conversion and should be monitored ahead of the service appointment.

Where will I get service?

Every BraunAbility dealer is staffed with specially trained mobility service technicians. BraunAbility conducts service schools throughout the year on-site at our manufacturing facility. Mobility consultants and technicians are required to attend regularly and are given in-depth instructions and the latest information on servicing BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vans. You can count on quality service no matter where your travels take you. 

Does the conversion require maintenance?

Yes. Regularly scheduled maintenance is necessary to ensure safe and trouble-free conversion operation. Maintenance is recommended every six months and is performed by a trained service technician. This inspection will ensure proper function of all conversion components like the kneel, door/ramp operation, and power source strength. The dealer will also lubricate, clean, and make any necessary adjustments. Properly maintaining your BraunAbility wheelchair accessible vehicle will increase the life of the conversion and maintain its value. 

Can I purchase a BraunAbility van or lift through BraunAbility’s website?

No. BraunAbility products are available only through our nationwide network of dealers. Your accessible vehicle should uniquely fit your needs, and the best way to ensure you get the best fit for you, your lifestyle and your budget is to meet with a mobility dealer for a proper consultation.

Where are BraunAbility products manufactured?

Our manufacturing facility is located in Winamac, Indiana, and the BraunAbility family takes great pride in every mobility product we build.

My current conversion van is loud. What is BraunAbility doing to reduce road noise?

A lowered floor vehicle typically has more road noise because the vehicle is so much closer to the ground. BraunAbility takes special care to reduce road noise by offering an exclusive feature called Quiet Drive. This noise reduction technology results in up to a 25% overall reduction in wheelchair vehicle noise. This reduction is achieved by noise blocking weather seals, reengineered exhaust to minimize noise and vibration, as well as special noise absorbing materials in the interior of the vehicle.  

What is the difference between a BraunAbility vehicle and another accessible vehicle?

BraunAbility has been the industry leader for wheelchair accessible vehicles and lifts for over 45 years. BraunAbility offers the most accessible vehicle products out of any manufacturer in the industry in order to comfortably fits our customers’ needs. We also provide a dedicated team for customer support and financing. Finally, BraunAbility provides a dealer network that will provide our customers continued service. Our vehicles are the highest quality on the market and the continued service we provide is all part of what it means to become part of the BraunAbility family.

Does BraunAbility offer 4WD or FWD vehicles?

Unfortunately, we are not able to convert 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles. The location of the drive shaft interferes with this capability due to the lowered floor design.

What are the payload capacities for the vehicle after conversion?

Payload capacities are re-calculated for each vehicle after conversion. We do not have payload capacity values available on units that have not been converted. Generally speaking, the higher the trim level, the lower the payload capacity. Extra features inside the vehicle take away from the total weight capacity for the vehicle.

Why doesn’t BraunAbility convert other vehicles outside of the current offerings?

Every vehicle we convert requires extensive work to meet our quality and design standards. We only convert vehicles we know will meet the fit and safety needs of our consumers. We are unable to take one-off customer orders for vehicles due to the sheer complexity of every conversion we build.  

Can you accept customer-supplied or old Ford Explorer chassis?

We cannot accept customer-supplied chassis for the BraunAbility Ford Explorer MXV. Our agreement with Ford states BraunAbility will only convert vehicles we purchase directly from them. We do stock a variety of trim levels and colors to fit varying budgets and style preferences.

Can I get a power hatch installed in my van after it is converted if it didn’t have a power hatch to begin with?

Unfortunately, the power hatch feature must be installed by the original vehicle dealer technician. If you are interested in a rear-entry conversion with power operation, the chassis must come to us with a power rear-hatch.  

Will BraunAbility or Ford be altering the gas fill location in the newer MXV’s so the door doesn’t have to be shut to pump gas?

At this time, we are not looking to change the location of the Ford Explorer’s fuel system. We agree this modification would aid our customers, but it would also significantly increase the vehicle price to reroute the fuel system.

Can BraunAbility dealers install lifts on an RV or motorhome?

Our lifts can be installed on motorhomes depending on the unit design. Your BraunAbility dealer may be able to do the install for you or know a resource who can aid in the additional modifications necessary to install the lift.


Does not apply to commercial vehicles.