How One Turny Evo Transfer Seat Helped an Entire Community

“Think larger. The seating system goes further than just helping one person”

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At 4’11, Nancy Lemus needed a way to get her son, who is 5’3 and a full-time wheelchair user, in and out of the family van.  

Lemus’ son Christopher was born at 29 weeks, weighing just two pounds and three ounces. Aside from a weakened immune system due to his prematurity, Christopher was otherwise healthy, but after two weeks in the NICU, he contracted a staph infection which spread to his brain. Christopher’s mom says, “On paper, [he] has about 25 diagnoses”, one of which is quadriplegic cerebral palsy (CP)- a neuromuscular condition that affects movement, posture, and balance. Christopher is unable to stand or walk independently, and he requires 24-hour care from family and nurses who help manage his medications and take care of daily tasks like dressing, bathing, and going to doctors’ appointments. 

BraunAbility and The LENN Foundation Help Children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) 

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, BraunAbility partnered with The LENN foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity providing grants for children with cerebral palsy to receive intensive physical therapy, to give away four Turny Evo swivel car seats to children with CP and their families. The swivel seat, which is compatible with over 200 vehicles, extends completely outside a vehicle, with swivel, raising, and lowering functions to help individuals get in and out of a vehicle safely. “I entered the [give away] thinking about Christopher, and how awesome this would be for him and me”, she said, describing the adaptive car seat as being an opportunity for Lemus and her son to make “memories for a lifetime”. 

Just like the ceiling lift specialized bed and medical machines in Christopher’s room, the Turny Evo is another piece of equipment used to help keep the family moving. 

“Being able to put him in the [Turny Evo] and the chair having the ability to scoot back into the van makes for a much easier transfer for him versus me trying to [squeeze him in] the van.” She continued, “Having the seat come all the way out makes it very easy for me as a caregiver and for him as somebody who needs assistance.” 

The BraunAbility Turny Evo Swivel Car Seat For Families

When the Lemus’ were told they won a Turny Evo, Nancy said, “We felt very lucky, and very appreciative. Having a vehicle that can meet all of Christopher’s needs can be very complex for families like ours. So, we’re very grateful.” 

The swivel car seat has brought Christopher and his mother many smiles, as well as a greater quality of life. Lemus said, 

“Being a person that uses a wheelchair full time, [he] needs a break. Having this seating system gives Christopher a chance to be in something else that's not his wheelchair.” The swivel car seat also offers Christopher the opportunity to “sit in the front seat and to get to see everything versus always being in the back seat”, Lemus said. 

Being able to put him in the [Turny Evo] and the chair having the ability to scoot back into the van makes for a much easier transfer for him versus me trying to [squeeze him in] the van.

- Nancy Lemus

Traveling with the Turny Evo Swivel Car Seat

The family loves to travel. The Delaware natives have been to Georgia, Washington, D.C. New York, and Disney World. According to Lemus, Christopher loves going on car rides, “Whenever we’re not moving for long, he closes his eyes to let you know that he's not happy.” She continued, “He tends to be very happy, but [if the car is moving], he's smiling.” 

The family uses their BraunAbility Turny Evo every day, whether Lemus is taking her son to doctor appointments or they’re visiting their favorite weekend spot - the local farmer’s market. Aside from their own trips, the family has found pleasure in serving their local community with their accessible vehicle and adaptive car seat.

Lemus said, “it's not just Christopher that has used the seating system, but also people in the community that needed support. We have helped other families when their families were injured and needed to be transported. We were able to do that with the seating system.”

For those looking into a Turny Evo, Lemus’ advice is simple: “Think larger. The seating system goes further than just helping one person”, she said, emphasizing people with disabilities, caregivers, and aging populations can all benefit from adaptive vehicle seating and wheelchair accessible vehicles.  

The Lemus family is supported by BraunAbility and their local dealer, MobilityWorks in Bear, Delaware. When you purchase a mobility product from BraunAbility, you join a powerful community. 

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