BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Chrysler Pacifica Product Review

“"A Testament to Improved Safety and Quality of Life"”

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Paul Erway is a mobility expert and a friend to all. As a Rehab Products Consultant for Superior Van & Mobility, Paul has been with the company for almost 20 years and in the mobility industry for over 30. Paul's personal philosophy is, "The more people you can help, the more you will be blessed," and in his decades-long career has become not only a mentor but a friend to many customers. It's because of his many affiliations with national and local organizations, his connections to hospitals and rehab clinics, and his dedication to his community members that Paul felt compelled to not only test the new BraunAbility Chrysler Pacifica but to analyze it critically. What follows is a review from a man who has seen it all and still was surprised at the new technology the accessible Pacifica had to offer.

I recently had the honor of driving one of the first BraunAbility Pacificas that came off the line. I drove it on vacation and was really blown away at all the new features this vehicle brings to the wheelchair van market. I now drive this vehicle daily for work and personal business and wanted to share some of the awesome new features and benefits that people may not be aware of.

First, the exterior redesign of the Pacifica incorporates smoother lines much like the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey vans.

Second, the user-friendly key-fob will open any door remotely as long as it is with me. Even the back hatch door is designed so that when you grab the handle, the rear power door engages and opens for you without lifting it as you had to do in the past.

To open the sliding side ramp door, deploy the ramp, and engage the kneeling cycle, you simply press the unlock button on the key fob two times. Once the ramp is deployed, the kneeling system continues to pull down toward the ground to make the incline as small as possible. I tend to be a little impatient at times and ready to wheel up the ramp as soon as possible, but I was assured by BraunAbility that as long as the ramp is fully deployed, there should not be any issues that affect the full kneeling process, and it is recommended and best to wait so that the incline is as small as possible. Another huge feature of the ramp in the BraunAbility Pacifica is that the weight capacity of the ramp is now 1,000 pounds. Further, if you get the in-floor ramp model, the ramp width is 32"! For some folks who thought a full-size van was their only option, you may want to visit a Superior showroom to see if the new Pacifica will work for you! This is a big difference compared to previous models!

Wheelchair Accessible Spacious Interior

Once inside, you immediately notice the larger interior space. The rear bench seems to be forward a slight bit, but you have ample room for your back chair tires and a large turning radius. The interior changes also allow for a little more back storage space. For me, I often carry my racing wheelchair with me, and it definitely fits a little easier. The other nice thing about the rear bench is the comfort of the seat. In the past, the seats were square-shaped so that they could fold into the floor for Stow-N-Go seating. Now, they are now more ergonomically correct and have a flip-down footrest, which provides a much more comfortable ride for passengers.

The front seats have also been improved. They feel better, and you can now adjust the angle of the headrest. This was a help to me during the long periods of driving during vacation. I sometimes like to recline the seat back a little more than usual, and can now move the head rest forward to still give me a clear view of the road. Finally, if you need to remove either of the front Pacifica seats in order to remain in your wheelchair as a passenger or driver, the seat base has also been redesigned for easier pop-out or pop-in use.

User-Friendly Technology and Vehicle Controls

Other small features make this vehicle very user-friendly. You can start the vehicle with a simple touch of a button as long as you have the key fob inside the vehicle and the brake is engaged. With the key fob placed in my bag and under my chair, I just apply the brake and press the start button. The gear shifter is now just a turn dial. Once you have the brake engaged, anyone with limited hand function or arthritis will find this to be a blessing.

Most of the dash controls are touchscreen, allowing the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road. When in park, the touchscreen acts very much like a computer and can be a handy tool to have when in a new city. Touch features are also available through the steering wheel. For example, if the dash light comes on to indicate a low tire, I can use my left hand to touch a button on the steering wheel and it shows exactly how much pressure is in each tire.

Overall, the Pacifica was impressive enough to make a regular driver of wheelchair vans write a blog and share this story with everyone!


Improved Cruise Control and Fuel Efficiency

The cruise control on the steering wheel has also been improved. When setting the speed, there is a readout on the dash that tells you what the set speed is, and it holds that speed even when going up and down hills.

The electronic improvements overall seem to help get better gas mileage as well. For example, on the previous models of vans that I have driven, MPG hovers around 20 to 21 for my style of driving. The window sticker of this model of Pacifica reads 18 MPG for city and 28 MPG for highway. While on vacation, I actually had an average of 28.2 MPG, and now that I have returned, I am averaging around 24 MPG (with air conditioning on)! Finally, some models come equipped with an eco drive system that will automatically shut off the engine when you come to an extended stop, like a red light. When you let off the brake and apply the gas, the vehicle automatically restarts and off you go, thus saving on gas even more. So, even though purchasing a newer vehicle is a large investment at first, you are going to save in the long run on the cost of gas alone while enjoying a more pleasurable ride.

Speaking of gas, at the gas pumps you will notice that the fill hose has a small ring on the nozzle. The gas lid of the Pacifica is press-to-open, and I immediately noticed that there is NOT a gas cap. The hose nozzle fits right in and is designed so that the ring on the hose clips in place, eliminating the chance of it slipping out and pouring gas everywhere. This also prevents evaporating fumes coming out as the tank fills.

A Testament to Improved Safety and Quality of LIfe

Overall, the Pacifica was impressive enough to make a regular driver of wheelchair vans write a blog and share this story with everyone! Other things that caught my attention were the nice looking tires, the built-in vacuum cleaner option in the Limited models, the parking sensors that allow for hands-free parallel parking, and the Forward Collision Warning that can be programmed to warn you of any potential collisions. Should you have small children, you may want to get the Surround View Camera System upgrade as well. You are able to see right up next to the vehicle, and all around it, so that you can be clear of any toys or children that may be in harm's way before you start to drive.

The reason vehicle manufacturers keep making model changes is to improve safety and convenience, in an effort to provide people a higher quality of life. The accessible vehicle manufacturers have the same goal, and it really shows with the new BraunAbility Pacifica.

Paul is a mobility expert and rehab product consultant for Superior Van & Mobility. He has been with the company for almost 20 years.

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