BraunAbility® Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift

A Stronger Commercial Lift for School Buses, Cutaway Buses, and Paratransit Vans

The Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift is the true workhorse of the BraunAbility commercial line. Those who appreciate a strong, stable lifting platform can choose this wheelchair lift series with confidence. The Millennium 2 offers thoughtful features, such as a hydraulically operated roll-stop. Of course, BraunAbility's time-tested durability is standard.

BraunAbility offers eight versions of the Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift, including usable platforms ranging from 30"x51" up to 37"x51". Please review the application guide for further detail.

Features Include:

  • NHTSA Compliant
  • 800lb lifting capacity
  • Floor to ground lift heights up to 48"
  • Hydraulically operated roll-stop
  • Excellent reliability and durability
  • Easy installation
Millennium 2 Wheelchair Lift
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United States Department of Transportation Rules and Regulations 49CFR, Part 38.
“Provided to make your spec writing easier.”

The wheelchair lift is compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 403 for platform lift systems for motor vehicles. The lift shall have been tested to a minimum static load of 2400#. The lift shall have 800# rated lifting capacity. The base plate shall be a corrugated designed member to provide rigidity to minimize lift deflection when placed under load.

The power supply shall be a 12 volt electro-hydraulic system operating two single-acting cylinders. The hydraulic power pack system shall be of modular design allowing for easy removal and field replacement, if needed. The operation of the unit shall provide a smooth, jerk-free ride in both up and down directions. The power operation of the hydraulic cylinders shall be of a pull-type design for smooth lifting operation and improved synchronous arm movement. The pivot pins in the trunnion (knuckle) of the pivot arms shall be of stationary design. The hydraulic system shall be regulated by two separate relief valves, one of which is designed to prevent accidental stowing when occupied.

The hand control for lift operation shall be of a one-hand operation design made of durable plastic. The hand control will provide user with illuminated functions. The hand control cable shall be coiled with quick-change connections for ease of maintenance or field change.

A manual back-up system shall be provided to ensure operation of the lift in case of electrical failure. The backup system shall provide a reliable means of manually raising and lowering the lift while occupied. The back-up system shall fold and unfold the platform. The back-up pump shall be integrated with the hydraulic power pack system such that no hydraulic lines or fittings are required.

The platform shall be of steel construction and the surface shall be of see-through grating allowing for improved visibility and safer use in inclement weather. The platform shall have a minimum usable wheelchair passageway width of 33 inches and a minimum usable length of 51 inches requiring a 57 inch vertical clear door opening. The sides of the platform shall be a minimum of 2.5 inches high.

The platform shall be automatically folded and unfolded and fully automatic in operation. The platform shall allow both inboard and outboard facing of wheelchair and mobility aid users. The platform entrance ramp shall be extruded aluminum for weight savings, have a rubber leading edge and raised ribs for traction. The outer barrier shall be hydraulically activated, and must be in the vertical (deployed) position prior to platform movement. The outer barrier must not raise if occupied with 25 lbs. The outer barrier shall be the sole outboard wheelchair retention device and shall be interlocked and comply with the FMVSS 403 requirements. Dual handrails shall be provided to add security and convenience. These handrails shall be 1.25 inch minimum diameter, minimum 30 inches in height, minimum of 8 inches in length, and withstand a 100# force in any direction (including vertical) without permanent deformation. The lift must have a fail safe system to prevent stowing if solenoid welds. The platform shall have “built in” lighting to meet 404 platform lighting requirements with no auxiliary lighting.

All lift components shall be finished with a baked-on powder coating, which will meet a salt spray test of 1000 hours, to provide corrosion resistance and a long service life. BraunAbility Millennium Series to include but not limited to the following model numbers:

• NL917IB-2, NL917FIB-2, NL919IB-2, NL919FIB-2, NL917IB3751-2, NL917FIB3751-2